2009 Livermore Show Results

41st Annual Spring Daffodil Show in the Bay Area at Livermore


Alden Lane Nursery

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 365
Number of Exhibitors: 19
Number of Blooms: 973

Photography:  Number of Exhibits: 19
Number of Exhibitors: 2
Best in Show Exhibitor:  Ben Blake
Title:  Lady Hawk Swirl abstracts or special effects

At the bottom of this report are comments from Show Chairman Kirby Fong
NCDS President Bob Spotts

GOLD RIBBONShowdown, 3 W-YOO exhibited by Kirby Fong

WHITE RIBBON – Aintree 3W-O, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON- 03-036/2, (Pink China x N. dubius) 8 W-P
exhibited Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 11a Y-O
exhibited Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling # 9-1-55,  12 WWG-GOY,
Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON: 03-036/2, (Pink China x N. dubius) 8 W-P
(same daffodil won Mini-Gold)
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

Historic Daffodil Award St. Keverne 2Y-Y 1934, Kirby Fong


Historic Vase of 3 – Dreamlight 3W-GWR 1934, Bob Spotts

Youth Best Bloom – Golden Strand 2W-O, Nicholas Swanson

Youth Best Vase of 3 – Erlicheer 4W-Y, Amanda Stear

Intermediate Award –  Pink China 2W-P, Melissa Reading

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Las Vegas 1W-Y, Gretchen Jackson

Standard Container Grown Award – Erlicheer 4W-Y, Amanda Stear

Miniature Container Grown Award –  Otaki Pearl 8W-W, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown Award –  N. willkommii 13Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Best Photograph in Show“Lady Hawk Swirl”, Ben Blake

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Bob Spotts with 31 blue ribbons


ADS 3 Miniatures by Hybridizer Award: Jon Kawaguchi

      • 08-03-02, 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. tenuifolius x N. bulbocodium var. nivalis)
      • JWB #05-06-02, 2W-Y
      • #06-113, 10Y-Y (Prolific O. P.)

PURPLE RIBBON – Best 5 stem Collection in Show, Melissa Reading, Division 4

        • Brindabella 4Y-Y
        • Kidson 4W-W
        • Wheal Bush 4Y-Y
        • Danyel 4W-P
        • Heamoor 4Y-Y

LAVENDER RIBBON – Best 5 stem Miniature Collection
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

      • N. bulbocodium subsp. obesus 13Y-Y
      • 05-681 10W-W (N. cantabricus x N. triandrus)
      • 03-003/6 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium x Parasol)
      • N. cantabricus var. cantabricus 13W-W
      • N. bulbocodium var. viriditubus 13Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Best 5 stem American Bred Collection
– Bob Spotts

      • 9-1-45 12WWY-GOO
      • 9-1-50 12YYG-GYY
      • 9-1-57 3YYG-GYO
      • Mesa Verde 11G-GGY (Spotts)
      • Mesquite 2YYG-Y (Spotts)

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon, Best 5 stem Miniature American Bred
Jon Kawaguchi

        • Oregon Petticoat Group 10Y-Y (Blom)
        • Apollo Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)
        • Oxford Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)
        • Classic Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)
        • Zinkowski Group 93-30-14 10Y-Y (Zinkowski)


Maroon Ribbon – Best Collection of five Reverse Bi-Color Standard Daffodils
exhibited by Melissa Reading

        • Trumpet Warrior 1YYW-WWY
        • Burdekin 1YYW-WWY
        • Twilight Zone 2YYW-WWY
        • Helford Dawn 2Y-W
        • Lemon Snow 2YYW-WWY


Historic Daffodil Collection of five – Melissa Reading

        • Lucifer 2W-YOO 1890
        • Mount Hood 1W-W 1938
        • Irene Copland 4W-Y 1915
        • Princeps 1W-Y 1830
        • Verger 3W-R 1930

    • BOZIEVICH – (Collection of 12 Standards and/or Species from at least four divisions)


    Melissa Reading
  • Heamoor 4Y-Y
  • Twilight Zone 2YYW-WWY
  • Wheal Bush 4Y-Y
  • Southern Hospitality 4Y-R
  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Macdalla 1W-Y
  • Ozone 2W-W
  • Tuscarora 1Y-Y
  • Biometrics 2Y-O
  • Warbler 6Y-Y
  • Arrowhead 6Y-R
  • Rapture 6Y-Y


Elise Havens Award – Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions
in Divisions 5 through 10 – Bob Spotts

  • 1-9-24 8W-Y
  • 1-9-28 8Y-Y
  • 1-9-27 8W-O
  • Storyteller 8Y-O
  • 1-9-53 7Y-GOO
  • 1-9-64 8Y-O
  • 1-9-25 8W-O
  • 9-1-15 6Y-Y
  • Brooke’s Bears 8W-Y
  • 9-1-63 7Y-Y
  • 9-1-14 6Y-Y
  • 9-1-20 7Y-Y

AQUA RIBBON  Collection of 9 Miniature Daffodils from 3 or more Divisions
Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe (repeat)

  • 03-020/2 12W-Y (Beryl x N. dubius)
  • Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O
  • 03-020/3 12W-Y (Beryl x N. dubius)
  • 01-067/1 13Y-Y (N. triandrus pallidulus x N. triandrus pallidulus)
  • 99-132/5 2Y-Y (Little Star O. P.)
  • 00-071/1 8W-W (N. triandrus x N. dubius)
  • 02-131 2W-P (VH 20/12 x N. dubius)
  • Lima #231 12G-G (Jetfire x N. viridiflorus)
  • 03-020/4 12W-Y (Beryl x N. dubius)

ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least three divisions)  –  Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe (repeat)

  • 01-069/2 8W-W (N. triandrus x N. dubius)
  • 03-036/2 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-026/3 6Y-Y (N. assoanus x N. cyclamineius)
  • 02-065/1 1Y-Y (Little Gem x Candlepower)
  • 02-041 7W-W (N. fernandesii x N. dubius)
  • 02-065/1 2Y-Y (Little Gem x N. calcicola)
  • 02-027/1 1W-W (Gipsy Queen x N. perez)
  • 02-027/1 1W-W (Gipsy Queen x N. perez-chiscanoi)
  • N. cantabricus 13W-W
  • 03-026/1 6Y-Y (N. assoanus x N. cyclamineus)
  • 04-097/2 5Y-Y (Microcodium Group x N. triandrus)
  • N. triandrus 13W-W
  • Microcodium Group 10Y-Y


ADS 12 Miniatures by Hybridizer Award: Koopowitz & Howe

  • 02-006/1 8W-YYO (Apricot Blush x N. dubius)
  • 03-036/1 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-016/5 8Y-Y ( Biometrics x N. dubius)
  • 03-021/14 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 04-007/1 1Y-Y (Little Gem x N. lusitanicus)
  • 01-028/1 8W-W (Rimski x N. dubius)
  • 04-021/2 4Y-PP/W (Viennese Waltz x N. dubius)
  • 04-093/1 5Y-Y (N. rupicola x N. lusitanicus)
  • 02-021/1 6Y-O (Apricot Blush x N. cyclamineus)
  • 02-005/1 1Y-Y (Gipsy Queen x N. cyclamineus)
  • Microwhite 8W-W
  • 06-027/1 5Y-Y (Angel’s Whisper x N. triandrus)


THROCKMORTON AWARD WINNER – Collection of 15 standard daffodils
and/or species from 15 different RHS classifications – Melissa Reading

  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Macdalla 1W-Y
  • Cameo Flush 2O-O
  • Elusive 3W-R
  • Red Lips 2Y-YRR
  • Queen of the North 3W-Y
  • Trumpet Warrior 1YYW-WWY
  • Heamoor 4Y-Y
  • Twilight Zone 2YYW-WWY
  • Millie Galyon 2W-R
  • Southern Hospitality 4Y-R
  • Rose Lake 2W-P
  • Impeccable 2Y-Y
  • Kidson 4W-W
  • Tuscarora 1Y-Y


Premier Collection of 24 Miniature Blooms no fewer than 5 Divisions: Jon Kawaguchi

  • Jumblie 12Y-O
  • Baby Star 7Y-Y
  • Shillingstone 8W-W
  • N. jonquilla ‘Buchanan Form’ 13Y-Y
  • Otaki Pearl 8W-W
  • N. jonquilla ‘Early Form’ 13Y-Y
  • Spring Serenade 5Y-Y
  • Sunny Sister 6Y-Y
  • Picoblanco 2W-W
  • N. assoanus var. assoanus 13Y-Y
  • Little Bell 5Y-Y
  • Keira KS/M/1/2003 12Y-Y (N. cordubensis x N. cyclamineus)
  • Oregon Petticoat Group 10Y-Y
  • Towai 12Y-Y
  • Little Becky 12Y-Y
  • Snipe 6W-W
  • Mitimoto 10W-Y
  • Laura 5W-Y
  • Pequenita 7Y-Y
  • N. watieri 13W-W
  • Bow Bells 5Y-Y
  • N. susannae 13W-W
  • Glenbrook Ta-Julia Group 10Y-Y
  • N. alpestris 13W-W


Carey E. Quinn Award, Collection of 24 Standards and/or Species from at least five divisions
Melissa Reading (first time winner)

  • Burdekin 1YYW-WWY
  • Kimmeridge 3W-YYO
  • Heamoor 4Y-Y
  • Twilight Zone 2YYW-WWY
  • Fencourt Jewel 8W-P
  • Terminator 2Y-R
  • Pink China 2W-P
  • Entente 2Y-O
  • Misty Glen 2W-GWW
  • Southern Hospitality 4Y-R
  • Wyong 2W-Y
  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Shockwave 2Y-R
  • Macdalla 1W-Y
  • Impeccable 2Y-Y
  • Lemon Snow 2YYW-WWY
  • Tuscarora 1Y-Y
  • Kidson 4W-W
  • Ozone 2W-W
  • Biometrics 2Y-O
  • Rose Lake 2W-P
  • Bionic 2Y-O
  • Denali 1W-W
  • Rapture 6Y-Y


Best Photograph in Show, by Ben Blake

Notes from Show Chairman, Kirby Fong

     The first of the Northern California Daffodil Society’s two shows for 2009 was held in Livermore, California March 7 and 8 at Alden Lane Nursery.  NCDS is grateful for the support of nursery owner Jacquie Courtright for letting us hold our daffodil show at her nursery at no charge.

   I have not heard about other local daffodil shows in the U.S., but the Livermore show may be the first to offer the new ADS awards for the collection of 24 miniatures and for the 3, 6, and 12 miniature cultivars by the hybridizer.  We actually had entries in all four of these classes including two entries in the collection of 24 miniatures.  Although there was an entry, the ribbon for 6 by hybridizer was not awarded.

   Of note, was the large number of miniatures in the show with 70 entries encompassing 254 stems.  Credit for most of the miniatures goes to Harold Koopowitz, Marilynn Howe, and Jon Kawaguchi.

Notes from NCDS President, Bob Spotts

We’ve occasionally talked about the late-developing bloom that is ignored on Saturday’s judging, but on Sunday is possibly the best bloom in the room. In my opinion, it happened again at Livermore.

Kirby Fong exhibited a magnificent ‘Showdown’ to win Best of Show on Saturday morning. On Sunday, there was a stunning bloom of ‘Terminator’ in John Castor’s winning Division 2 collection that would have given the winner a good run then. It had developed over time – it wasn’t brought forward for consideration on Saturday.

How about having a second-day champion?

Photos by Kirby Fong