Bulb Sources

Bulb Sources of Modern Daffodils

The sources identified below grow the bulbs they sell by mail-order. They are small-business bulb-farmers who guarantee the bulbs you receive are healthy and true-to-name. (They will replace bulbs that do not grow.)

Write or e-mail for catalogs in March or April.  By July, purchase the daffodils you want. The bulbs will be shipped to you in September or October. Keep them in a cool (but not refrigerated) and well-ventilated place until the warm weather has broken and the soil has cooled. Then plant typically during late October or November in a sunny location where there is good drainage.

Oakwood Daffodils
John Reed
2330 W. Bertrand Road
Niles, MI 49120
oakwooddaff [at] hughes [dot] net
2019 Oakwood Daffodils Catalog

c/o Jason Delaney
P.O. Box 6061
St. Louis
MO 63139-0061
bulbboy_phs [at] yahoo [dot] com

Carter’s Daffodils
6800 Daffodil Terrace
Ferndale, WA 98248
Daffodilbill [at] outlook [dot] com
2018 Carter’s Daffodil List and Order Form

Mitsch Daffodils is no longer in business

Businesses who sell large quantity of bulbs:

Bill the Bulb Baron
Bill Welch
1031B Cayuga Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Billthebulbbaron [at] aol [dot] com
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(no printed catalog available)

747 Barnum Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06608
Phone: (888) 847-8637 (TIP-TOES)
Go to Website

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs
7900 Daffodil Lane
Gloucester, VA  23061
(804) 693-3966
bbheath [at] brentandbeckysbulbs [dot] com
Bulb Catalog on Website