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This page contains links to web sites having to do with daffodils, gardens, and gardening societies. These links are divided into the following categories:

Daffodil Organizations & Sites

International Organizations and Sites

Daffodil Bulb Sources

The American Daffodil Society’s page has a more complete list of bulb suppliers defined in two groups:

A Specialty Bulb Grower is an individual or company that grows what they sell.  Many sources listed on our Specialty Bulb Growers page hybridize daffodils and offer new creations and/or rare bulbs. General Bulb Merchant is an individual or company that sells bulbs grown by others. The sources listed  on our General Bulb Merchant page sell mostly standard or “older tried and true” varieties.

Daffodil Vistas in California

Flower & Garden Societies

Gardening Sites