2008 Mother Lode Show Results

 13th Annual Mother Lode Show at Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys

2008 Annual Mother Lode Show Results

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 548
Number of Exhibitors: 24
Number of Blooms: 1,410

Artistic Arrangements:  Number of Exhibits: 38
Number of Exhibitors: 16
Best in Show:  Bev Switzer
Title ‘Lode of Gold’

Photography:  Number of Exhibits: 38
Number of Exhibitors: 7
Best in Show Exhibitor:  Tim Sanders
Title:  ‘By the Old Oak’

At the bottom of this report are comments from Show Chairman Bob Spotts

2008 Murphys GOLD RIBBON –  Lavalier , 5YYW-W, exhibited by Ben Blake

WHITE RIBBON – Best Vase of three Standards in Show, Lavalier , 5YYW-W,
exhibited by Ben Blake

MINI GOLD RIBBONBaby Boomer, 5 Y-Y, exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

MINI WHITE RIBBON -Best Vase of three Miniature Daffodils
Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 11aY-O, exhibited by Marilynn Howe
and Harold Koopowitz

ROSE RIBBON –  Best Standard Seedling in Show
Sdlg #8-2-26 Ruddynosey x seedling, 1Y-O, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Best Miniature Daffodil Seedling in Show
Sdlg  #02-138/1, (Little Ruby x Candlepower) , 2 P-P
exhibited by Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

Historic Daffodil Award – Princeps, 1W-Y, 1830, Kirby Fong

Historic Daffodil Vase-of-Three Award – Rip van Winkle, 1884, 4 Y-Y, Larry Ringland

Small Grower Award – Triple Crown, 3 Y-YYR, John Castor

Youth Best Bloom in Show – Conestoga, 2 W-GYO,   Sierra Johnson

Youth Best Vase of 3 in Show – Mount Hood, 1 W-W,   Sierra Johnson

Intermediate Award –  Sdlg # 8-2-26, 1Y-O, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Standard Daffodil Container Grown Award – Golden Dawn, 8 Y-O, Rosemary Scholz

Miniature Daffodil Container Grown Award – Zeals, 8 W-W, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown AwardN. willkommii, 13Y-Y, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Kirby Fong with 38 Blue Ribbons


PURPLE RIBBON -Best Collection of five Standard Daffodils in Show
exhibited by Bob Spotts – Division 12 Collection

  • #8-2-68  12Y-GYY
  • #8-2-6   12YYG-GGY
  • #8-2-44  12W-GYO
  • #8-2-34  12W-G
  • Mesa Verde  12G-GGY


LAVENDER RIBBON – Best Collection of five Miniature Daffodils in Show
exhibited by Kirby Fong

  • Olumbo  10 W-Y
  • Little Kibler  9W-GYR
  • Curlylocks  7Y-Y
  • Zeals  8W-Y
  • Keira #K2/2000  6W-Y


RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Best Collection of five American Bred Standard Daffodils
exhibited by Bob Spotts

  • Pacific Rim  2Y-YYR   Mitsch
  • La Paloma  3W-GYR   Roese
  • #8-2-77  1W-Y
  • #8-2-103  1Y-Y  Tuscarora x (Midas Touch x Hager sdlg)
  • American Classic  2Y-WYY  Havens

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Best Collection of five American Bred Miniature Daffodils
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

  • #05-132-01  10G-W, N. bulbocodium subsp. bulbocodium var. graelsii O.P.
  • Classic Gold 10Y-Y
  • Blom Baby Boomer  7Y-Y
  • Heath Zink 93-30  10Y-Y
  • Zinkowski #08-101-02  7Y-Y


Maroon Ribbon – Best Collection of five Reverse Bi-Color Standard Daffodils
exhibited by Melissa Reading

  • Goff’s Caye  2YYW-W
  • Kernow  2Y-WWY
  • Avalon  2Y-W
  • Young American  1YYW-WWY
  • Helford Dawn  2Y-W

Youth 5 Stem Award – Best Collection of five Standard Daffodils exhibited by a Youth
exhibited by Sierra Johnson

  • Conestoga  2W-GYO
  • Pleiades  8W-Y
  • Rory’s Glen  2O-O
  • Goblin  1W-Y
  • Pink Charm  2W-WPP


Historic Daffodil Collection – Melissa Reading

  • Thalia  5W-W , 1916
  • Actaea  9W-YYR, 1927
  • Verger  3W-R, 1930
  • White Lady  3W-Y, 1898
  • Mount Hood  1W-W, 1938


AQUA RIBBON  Collection of 9 Miniature Daffodils from 3 or more Divisions – Jon Kawaguchi

  • Oregon Petticoat Group, 10Y-Y
  • Minnow, 8W-Y
  • N. bulbocodium, 13Y-Y
  • Tony Goode Farrer,  10Y-Y
  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y
  • N. bulbocodium subsp. bulbocodium var. filifolius  13Y-Y
  • Irwin BDP 15/95 8W-W
  • Golden Bells 10Y-Y
  • N. jonquilla early form  13Y-Y


BOZIEVICH  RIBBON -12 Standard Daffodils (4 Divisions) – Melissa Reading

  • Arwenac  11a Y-YYO
  • Crackington  4Y-O
  • Hot Gossip 2Y-O
  • Goff’s Caye  2YYW-W
  • Trigonometry 11a W-P
  • Golden Aura  2Y-Y
  • Bravoure 1W-Y
  • Sonar  2Y-YYR
  • Ozone 2W-W
  • Hungarian Rhapsody  11a W-P
  • Queen Mum 1W-Y
  • Red Aria 2 O-R


ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least three divisions)  –  Jon Kawaguchi

  • Oregon Petticoat Group  10Y-Y
  • Snipe  6W-W
  • Moncorvo 7Y-Y
  • Gadget  10Y-Y
  • Idol Group 7Y-Y
  • Yellow Xit  3W-Y
  • N. bulbocodium  13Y-Y
  • Crevette  8W-O
  • Xit 3W-W
  • N. jonquilla early form  13Y-Y
  • Sabrosa 7Y-Y
  • Minnow  8W-Y

Elise Havens Award – Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions in Divisions 5 through 10 – Bob Spotts

  • #8-2-37  8Y-O Matador x N. scaberulus
  • Katrina Rea  6W-WOO
  • Quail  7Y-Y
  • #8-2-76  8W-Y Matador x N. triandrus
  • #8-2-106  7W-Y
  • Little Soldier  10Y-Y
  • #8-2-105  8W-Y  Matador x Festivity
  • #8-2-107  6Y-O Backchat x Rufus
  • Fancy That  8Y-O
  • #8-2-51 7Y-Y
  • #8-2-80  8W-Y
  • ?


THROCKMORTON AWARD WINNER – Collection of 15 standard daffodils and/or species from 15 different RHS classifications – Bob Spotts

  • Little Soldier  10Y-Y
  • #8-2-74  12WWG-GYO
  • Cherry Bounce  3W-R
  • Mesa Verde  12G-GGY
  • Kokopelli  7Y-Y
  • 8-2-025  2WWY-YOO
  • Chindi  2Y-YP
  • Muster  4W-O
  • Katrina Rea  6W-WOO
  • Zimplats 3Y-O
  • #8-2-36  1YYW-P
  • #8-2-48  1Y-Y
  • La Paloma  3W-GYR
  • Double Play  4Y-O
  • #8-1-13 3Y/W-Y


Quinn Award – Collection of 24 standard daffodils and/or species from at least five divisions – Kirby Fong

  • Sheezmokin  11aY-R
  • Merlin’s Pal  3W-YYO
  • Colin’s Joy  2W-GWR
  • Kahurangi  8Y-YYO
  • Kingsleigh 1Y-Y
  • Duration  4W-OOY
  • Godsend 1W-W
  • Gamebird  1Y-Y
  • Furneaux 2Y-Y
  • Nimbin  2W-P
  • Blue Star 2W-W
  • Gold Mine  2Y-Y


  • Rival  6YYG-Y
  • Gold Ingot  2Y-Y
  • Havens GH 13/2  1W-O
  • Blossom Lady 4W-O
  • Gold Bond  2Y-Y
  • Legislator  3Y-Y
  • Denali  1W-W
  • Fehre  4W-O
  • Utiku  6Y-Y
  • Greatwood  1Y-Y
  • Muster 4W-O
  • Beautiful Eyes 7W-O

Photography Competition


Notes from Show Chairman Bob Spotts

The past weekend at Murphys was certainly a memorable time.  We arrived at Ironstone at the peak of daffodil blooming there. The view of the daffodils naturalized along the roadways, in the vineyards and throughout the landscape was lovely.

For us inside for the weekend, the weather outside was stunning.  Occasionally sunny, with huge impressive clouds and occasional intervals of light hail and snowflakes.  Outside, the threatening-but-not-really-delivering weather system likely discouraged some people from attending the Saturday Irish Day parade and celebration in downtown Murphys. In doing so it lightened the attendance at the Daffodil Show as well.  Even so, we had a constant flow of visitors.  We might have had even more had I remembered to put a sign inside the always-crowded Ironstone Vineyards tasting room to remind the visitors there of the daffodil show nearby.

The 2008 Murphys Show had the most blooms in horticulture – 1,410 – of any show that the NCDS has ever produced. It was a group effort. Thanks to all who participated!

Bob Spotts
Murphys Show Chairman

Photos by John Castor, Kirby Fong and Nancy Tackett