2004 Mother Lode Show Results

 9th Annual Mother Lode Show at Ironstone Vineyards

GOLD RIBBON –  Bridget Cramsie  2W-GWY, exhibited by Kirby Fong

9th Annual Mother Lode Show Results

Below are the results of 9th Annual Mother Lode Show held March 20 &  21  and hosted by Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.

Show Statistics:  Count: 706 blooms, 374 exhibits,  and 11 exhibitors.
Artistic Arrangements:  42 arrangements and 12 exhibitors.

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This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

GOLD RIBBON –  Bridget Cramsie 2W-GWY, exhibited by Kirby Fong

WHITE RIBBON – Cool Pink, 2W-P, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON – Snipe, 7W-W, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Golden Bells 13Y-Y,  exhibited by Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Bridget Cramsie 2W-GWY, exhibited by Kirby Fong

ROSE RIBBON –   Sdlg 04-2-31, 2W-YYO, Random Event x Conestoga,  Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Sdlg  # 04-M-16 7Y-Y (N. fernandesi op), Bob Spotts

Small Grower Award – Angkor, 4 Y-Y,  Don Boos

Historic Daffodil Award – Mary Copeland, 4W-O, Kirby Fong

Historic Vase-of-Three Award – Elvira,  8W-YYO, Kirby Fong

Historic Collection of Five Award – Mike Larmer

  • Mount Hood, 1W-W (1938)

  • Stella, 2W-Y (1869)

  • Twink, 4Y-O (1925)

  • Mrs. R.O. Backhouse, 2W-P (1921)

  • Trevithian, 7Y-Y (1927)

Standard Container Grown Award – Tripartite, 11aY-Y, Bob Spotts

Miniature Container Grown Award – Rikki, 7W-Y, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown Award – no entries

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – a tie!  Bob Spotts and Kirby Fong,  34 Blue Ribbons

JUNIOR AWARD – no entries

PURPLE RIBBON -Bob Spotts – English collection

  • Feock  3W-YYR

  • Santana  2Y-YYR

  • Crackington  4Y-O

  • Sundust  2Y-Y

  • Evesham  3W-GYY


  • 04-M-37, 7Y-Y

  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y

  • Segovia, 3W-Y

  • Little Rusky, 7Y-GYO

  • Clare, 7Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • Bender 88-185, 1Y-Y

  • 04-2-12 1Y-Y

  • 04-2-52, 3YYG-YRR  Triple Crown x [Chatmoss x (Actaea x viridiflorus)]

  • S-1211-1 1Y-Y

  • 04-2-56, 1Y-Y

Mini RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 04-M-17

  • 04-M-23

  • Little Rusky, 7Y-GYO (Watrous)

  • 04-M-31

  • 04-M-44

BOZIEVICH  RIBBON 12 Standard Daffodils – Richard Hunt (repeat)

  • Gold Bond 2 Y-Y

  • Chanson 1 W-P

  • Nob Hill 2 YYW-Y

  • Hoopoe  8Y-O

  • POPS Legacy 1W-Y

  • Lone Star 2W-W

  • Feock 3W-YYR

  • Pidget 9W-GYR

  • Daydream 2 Y-W

  • Conestoga 2W-GYO

  • Yellow Cheerfulness 4 Y-Y

  • Avalanche 8 W-Y

Roberta C. Watrous Award 12 Miniature Daffodils–  Bob Spotts  (repeat)

  • N. rupicola, 13Y-Y

  • N. bulbocodium, 13Y-Y

  • Xit, 3W-W

  • Crevette 8W-YO

  • Shillingstone 8W-W

  • 04-M-16 7 Y-Y (N. fernandesii OP)

  • Stafford 7Y-YYO

  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y

  • Segovia 3 W-Y

  • Pacific Coast 8 Y-Y

  • Little Rusky 7 Y-GYO

  • Mary Plumstead  5 Y-Y

Elise Havens Award – Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions in Divisions 5 through 10 – Bob Spotts

  • Kokopelli 7 Y-Y

  • 04-2-4,  5 W-WWP

  • 04-2-5,  9 W-GYR

  • 04-2-14, 8 Y-Y (Matador x scaberulus)

  • Regeneration, 7YYW-W

  • Fertile Crescent 7YYW-YYW

  • 04-2-65, 5 W-W

  • 04-2-20, 8 W-Y (Matador x triandrus)

  • 04-2-54, 8 Y-GYO (Matador x scaberulus)

  • 04-2-57, 7 W-W (Polar Imp x N. Jonquilla)

  • 04-2-70, 9W-GYR (Omega x Three of Diamonds)

  • 04-2-46, 8W-GYO (Matador OP)


  • Cameo Fire, 2Y-R
  • Haunting, 3 Y-Y
  • Hawley Sunset, 2 W-O
  • Killearnan, 3 W-GYR
  • Lemon Drops, 5 Y-Y
  • Crackington, 4 Y-Y
  • Whisky Mac, 2YYW-Y
  • Fragrant Rose, 2W-GPP
  • Backchat, 6Y-Y
  • Magic Lantern, 1Y-O
  • Capree Elizabeth, 2Y-P
  • Polar Sky, 2W-WWP
  • Savage Pink, 1 W-P
  • Bridget Cramsie, 2W-GWY
  • Chicago Hope, 1Y-GYY

Quinn Award – Bob Spotts

  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y
  • Sundust, 2Y-Y
  • Tripartite, 11a Y-Y
  • Fort Mitchell, 1 W-Y
  • Regeneration, 7YYW-W
  • Fertile Crescent, 7YYW-YYW
  • Gowo, 3W-YYR
  • Geometrics,  2W-Y
  • Impressive Dreams, 1YYW-W
  • Hollypark, 3W-GYR
  • 04-2-76, 2 Y-Y (Friend Jim x Hacienda)
  • 04-2-80, 12 W-Y [(Lollipop x Vermilion) x N. viridiflorus]
  • 04-2-41,  7 Y-Y (Ambercastle x N. jonquilla)
  • 04-2-85, 7W-YYP Quickstep OP


  • 04-2-57, 7W-W (Polar Imp x N. jonquilla)
  • 04-2-31, 2 W-YYO (Random Event x Conestoga)
  • 04-2-17, 3 W-GYO
  • 04-2-44, 1WWG-WWP (Pink Silk x Tomphubil)
  • 5-1211-1, 1 Y-Y
  • 04-2-64,  8 Y-Y (Matador x N. scaberulus)
  • 04-2-14, 8 Y-Y (Matador x N. scaberulus)
  • 04-2-78, 7 Y-Y (Ambercastle x N. jonquilla)
  • 04-2-24, 2 W-W
  • 04-8-11, 8W-Y (Matador x N. triandrus)

Comments from Bob Spotts, Mother Lode Daffodil Show Chairman (3/23/2004)

Daffodil Friends,

The Northern California Daffodil Society’s Mother Lode Show is held annually at the Ironstone Vineyards Winery in Murphys on the weekend including or following St. Patrick’s Day. Murphys is in the “Gold Rush Country,” the foothills of the Sierra, 120 miles east of San Francisco. The daffodil exhibits – horticulture and artistic designs – are staged on the bottom floor of the winery building among oak barrels of ageing wine and tall steel fermenting vats. The temperature is cool, just right for the cut flowers. This is truly an unique setting for a show!

The winery has naturalized daffodils everywhere on its extensive property: along the slopes of the creek ravine, around the vineyards, and along the shoulders and margins of the roadways and paths. On the walkways on the upper level of the winery, the winery’s landscaping staff staged dozens of half-barrels overflowing with colorful varieties of daffodils and tulips in full bloom.

Murphys is more than a 100-mile drive for most NCDS members, most of whom live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The show weekend has become a social outing, with exhibitors and other NCDS members staying overnight in the area motels. We have a sumptuous Saturday evening dinner together.

This year, March daily temperatures over the past two weeks have set or matched historic highs each day. Daffodil season is abnormally advanced. Blooms opening during the day are usually crisped by the sun before exhibitors return home from work. As did Kirby Fong, Show Chairman for the Livermore Show the weekend before, I felt a responsibility to ensure that there would be enough blooms on the show bench to satisfy show visitors. I couldn’t match Kirby’s heroic Livermore effort in either quantity or quality, but I did cut a considerable number of blooms, mostly seedlings. With the help of the NCDS members, all the good ones got into the show. Other exhibitors, particularly Kirby, Wayne Steele, Richard Hunt, Nancy Tackett and Rosemary Scholz, supplied a surprisingly large number of good blooms as well.

NCDS member Mike Larmer’s primary interest is in Historic daffodils, especially those planted by homesteaders over a century ago and now naturalized around long-abandoned homesites His entries added a facet to the show that was immensely appealing to visitors living locally (ie, the Sierra foothills).

Several persons who grow only a small number of daffodils were bloomed out and could not enter the show this year. The show, while somewhat smaller than in previous years, was still quite presentable. The Mother Lode Daffodil Show is part of the Ironstone Vineyards’ weekend “Spring festival of daffodils and wine” and we share the large crowds drawn by the event. The showplace was crowded throughout the weekend. Warm, sunny weather may not be conducive to exhibiting daffodils, but it certainly brings out the public!

Special kudos are due Margaret Oberg. Although she lives in Los Angeles some 400 miles away, Peggy arrived early and spent all day Friday helping with show setup and placement of entries. She helped judge on Saturday morning and served at the hospitality table on Saturday and Sunday, finally helping in disassembling the show at its conclusion on Sunday afternoon. All this distant travel and effort without blooms to enter! Thanks, Peggy.

If you have the opportunity in the future, come join us in a March daffodil weekend.

Photos by Kirby Fong and Ben Blake