2005 Mother Lode Show Results

 10th Annual Mother Lode Show at Ironstone Vineyards

Bob Spotts

GOLD RIBBON –  Bob Spotts  2W-W, exhibited by Bob Spotts

10th Annual Mother Lode 2005 Show Results

Below are the results of 10th Annual Mother Lode Show held March 20 &  21  and hosted by Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.  Sponsors: Northern California Daffodil Society & Calaveras County Garden Club
Co-chairs: Bob Spotts (NCDS) & Judy Worley (CCGC)

Show Statistics:
Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 347
Number of Exhibitors: 15
Number of Blooms: 616

Artistic Arrangements: Number of Exhibits: 37
Number of Exhibitors: 14

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This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Bob Spotts

GOLD RIBBON –  Bob Spotts  2W-W, exhibited by Bob Spotts

WHITE RIBBON – Pewee, 3W-GWP, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBONM-02-02, 12G-GGY, Jetfire x N. viridiflorus7W-W, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Segovia 3W-W,  exhibited by Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Pewee, 3W-GWP, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Intermediate Vase of 3 Award – Pewee, 3W-GWP, exhibited Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON –   Sdlg # 05-2-65 2W-WWO,  Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Sdlg  # M-02-02, 12G-GGY, Jetfire x N. viridiflorus7W-W, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Small Grower Award – Pacific Rim , 2 Y-YYR,  Don Boos

Historic Daffodil Award – St. Keverne, 2Y-Y, Mike Larmer

Historic Vase-of-Three Award – Lady White ,  3W-Y, Mike Larmer

Standard Container Grown Award – Avocet, 7W-YYW, Jan Moyers

Miniature Container Grown Award – no entries

Species Container Grown Award – N. willkommii, 13Y-Y, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Bob Spotts with 43 Blue Ribbons

JUNIOR AWARD – no entries

PURPLE RIBBON -Bob Spotts – Intermediate collection

  • 05-2-37, 2W-P (Dewy Rose x China Lake) x N. fernandesii

  • Paisano, 3W-GYW

  • Scarlet Tanager, 2Y-R

  • Pewee, 3W-GWP

  • Anvil Chorus, 2W-P


  • 04-M-37, 7Y-Y

  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y

  • Segovia, 3W-Y

  • Little Rusky, 7Y-GYO

  • Clare, 7Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 05-2-72 12Y-YYO Triple Crown x {[Chatmoss x (Acteae x virid.)] x Matador}

  • 05-2-31 3W-YYO Badbury Rings x [Chatmoss x (Actaea x virid.)

  • 05-2-3 3W-Y Cairn Toul x Random Event

  • 05-2-18 2W-YYO Conestoga x Random Event

  • 05-2-50 2W-YOO Random Event x Conestoga

Mini RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon -Harold Koopowitz & Marilynn Howe

  • 01-001-2 5W-W N. triandrus x Candlepower

  •  01-049-2 2W-P Brooke Ager x N. dubius

  • 98-023-1 10Y-Y N. bulbocodium x N. jonquilla

  • 01-001-1 1W-W N. triandrus x Candlepower

  • 01-x-1 5W-W N. triandrus x N. pallidulus

Maroon Ribbon – Five Reverses  – Bob Spotts

  • Perpetuation, 7YYW-W

  • Hillstar, 7Y-W

  • S-1228-1, 2Y-W

  • Impressive Dream, 2Y-W

  • Regeneration, 7YYW-W

Historic Collection – Mike Larmer

  • St. Keverne, 2Y-Y, 1934
  • Twink, 4Y-O, 1925
  • Mt. Hood, 1W-W, 1937,
  • Martha Washington, 8W-O, 1927
  • Mrs. R.O. Backhouse, 2W-P, 1923

BOZIEVICH  RIBBON12 Standard Daffodils (4 Divisions) – Richard & Jane Hunt (repeat)

  • Goldfinger, 1Y-Y
  • Fragrant Rose, 2W-GPP
  • Dove Song, 2W-WWP
  • Ladies Choice, 7W-W
  • Soprano, 2W-WWP
  • Intrigue, 7Y-W,
  • Michael’s Gold, 2Y-Y
  • Conestoga, 2W-GYO
  • Lissome, 2W-W
  • California Rose, 4W-P
  • Feock, 3W-YYR
  • Tripartite, 11aY-Y

Roberta C. Watrous Award 12 Miniature Daffodils (3+ Divisions) –  Bob Spotts  (repeat)

  • Segovia, 3W-Y
  • m 05-2-4, 7Y-Y
  • N. bulbocodium, 13Y-Y
  • m 05-2-3, 7Y-Y
  • m 05-2-1, 2W-P
  • m 05-2-5, 7Y-Y
  • m 05-2-2, 12 G-GGY
  • m 05-2-6, 7Y-Y
  • Little Rusky, 7Y-GYO
  • m 05-2-7, 7Y-Y
  • Sabrosa, 7Y-Y
  • m 05-2 8, 7Y-Y

Elise Havens Award

– Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions in Divisions 5 through 10 – Bob Spotts

  • 05-2-25, 8Y-YOO
  • Quail, 7Y-Y
  • 05-2-39, 8Y-O
  • Hillstar, 7Y-W
  • Golden Dawn, 8Y-O
  • Dinkie Duffle, 7Y-Y
  • Jamage, 8W-Y
  • 05-2-7, 9W-GYR Inner Ring x poet
  • 05-2-59, 7W-W
  • 05-2-87, 6W-WWP
  • Regeneration, 7YYW-W
  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y


  • Tyrree, 1Y-O
  • Inessa, 2YYW-YYP
  • Scamp, 951 1Y-W
  • Miriama, 2W-WWP
  • ‘Snowy Morn, 1W-GWW
  • Greenodd, 3W-YYW
  • Nanstallon, 1Y-Y
  • Jake, 3Y-GOO
  • Bank Roll, 2Y-O
  • Crackington, 4 Y-O
  • Bob Spotts, 2W-W
  • Twilight Zone, 2YYW-WWY
  • Golden Aura, 2Y-Y
  • Teina, 3W-R
  • Oregon Pioneer 2Y-P

Quinn Award – Bob Spotts

  • Williamsburg, 2W-W
  • Pewee, 3W-GWP
  • Vicksburg, 2W-W
  • 05-2-31, 3W-W
  • Bob Spotts, 2W-W
  • 05-2-77, 9W-YYR
  • 05-2-48, 8W-Y,
  • SH93-12-11 1Y-Y
  • 05-2-87, 6W-WWP
  • Crackington, 4Y-O
  • 05-2-36 7W-P
  • Doctor David Hough, 1 Y-Y


  • 05-1-6, 2Y-P
  • Geometrics, 2W-Y
  • 05-2-41, 2Y-P
  • Burr 1-14-87, 2W-P
  • 05-2-42, 2Y-P
  • 05-2-8, 3W-GYY
  • Chind,’ 2Y-YYP
  • Santana, 3Y-YYR
  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y
  • 05-2-46, 8Y-GOO
  • Dinkie Duffle, 7Y-Y
  • Torridon’ 2Y-R

Comments from Bob Spotts, Mother Lode Daffodil Show Chairman (3/22/2005)

Daffodil Friends,

It would have been impossible to achieve the results at Murphys without the incredible support of my NCDS friends – especially Jan Moyers and Nancy Tackett. They have the philosophy that “the public deserves to see the best show possible.” So, if there is yet another good flower lingering in the staging area, they will get it into the show!

The Murphys show this year was timed perfectly for me – I had lots of decent blooms – far too many! While I was working on my collections and vases-of-three, Jan and others set up an assembly line, preparing my single-stems for entry. All I had to do was complete the entry tags – the blooms were ready to go onto the tables. And as soon as I completed tags, they moved the entries to the bench. The outcome was that all worthy blooms – from other exhibitors as well as from me – got into the show.

The camaraderie was endemic to all at the show. Kirby Fong brought a large number of blooms to the show to help assure that it would be a success in spite of the unusual days of hot weather preceding that left most smaller growers bloomed out. Even so, when Kirby finished his entries Saturday morning an hour or so before judging, he turned to a local grower’s set of entries which had been left unfinished – lacking wedging – from the night before. These were the best of the novice entries – and Kirby completed these numerous entries. Good that he did – this was that local grower’s first show and he assumed that show staff would do the final staging! He did not return before showtime. His exhibits won numerous first-place awards in the novice classes and he had two blooms that were brought up for consideration for Best in Show – one winning the “Small Grower’s Award.” Thanks, Kirby!

Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe made the lengthy drive (nearly 400 miles) from below Los Angeles and brought several exquisite miniature seedlings that were left in their garden. Peggy Oberg did the same, without any flowers left at all! She came to help during the show – and was her help appreciated! Jay and Faye Pengra drove up from Los Angeles as well, and brought a nice set of late-season cultivars. Kudos to Harold, Marilynn, Peggy, Jay, and Faye!

Mike Larmer brought quality to the Historics section. His flowers, naturalized on his country property at 2500′ elevation, swept the Historics awards. This is a very popular section in Murphys. The Sierra foothills has a heritage of daffodils blooming in long-abandoned homesteads. Mike is not competitive, and shows only for the educational value. Thanks, Mike!

Rosemary Scholz was largely bloomed out of daffodils, but still made the hour’s drive one-way each day to enter what she had and lend help setting up, at the hospitality booth, and in taking down the show. Thanks, Rosemary.

Ben Blake is catching full-blown yellow fever! He made perhaps his first show entries, with some success! Go, Ben!

Rich Hunt made the drive from Plymouth each day – to enter blooms and to help with show take down. We missed spouse Jane, who is seriously ill. Thanks for taking the time to come, Rich.

Jan Moyers came from San Rafael with her three Yorkies, in her new mobile home. Her presence made a big difference to us, because Jan is an organizer and makes sure nothing is overlooked or undone. Her one show entry – a pot of ‘Avocet’ – won the award for best container-shown daffodils! One-for-one. Thanks for your crucial management help, Jan – and glad to have you back!

Kerry Tate, Chris Gomez, and Larry Ringland of the Ironstone Vineyards staff were essential in producing the show. Even so, next year they might take a back-seat to Gayle Kautz, wife of Ironstone CEO John, who made her first show entries this year. Yes, she earned a ribbon – and volunteered to help where needed next year! We’ll make sure she gets some quality cultivars to grow and exhibit. The NCDS needs another with the fever!

The flowers and the people – the reasons we do all this!


Photos by Kirby Fong