2004 Fortuna Daffodil Show Results

2004 Fortuna Garden Club Show Results

Below are the results of 29th Annual Daffodil Show Symphony of Daffodils hosted by the Fortuna Garden Club on March 25th & 26th.

Show Statistics:   Count: 415 blooms, 250 exhibits, and 21 exhibitors
Artistic Arrangements 68 exhibits and 16 exhibitors

Tricolor Award Winner Susan O’Hara, for the them Greeting Spring

Show results information are presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

GOLD RIBBONLittle Tyke 1Y-Y,  Nancy Tackett

WHITE RIBBON – Dainty Miss 7 W-GWW, Kathy Leonardi

MINI GOLD RIBBON- Clare, 3 W-Y, Bob Spotts

MINI WHITE RIBBON – April Tears, 5 Y-Y, Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON: Steve Vinisky V-109-47-13, 1Y-P

MINI ROSE RIBBON: Steve Vinisky, V97-310-5, 5 W-W, (N. triandurs auriantiaces x N. triandrus pulchellus)

Intermediate AwardLittle Tyke 1Y-Y,  Nancy Tackett

JUNIOR AWARD – Pipit, 7 YYW-W, Monica Dekat

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Owyhee, 7Y-R, Estelle Trammell

Historic Daffodil Award – White Owl, 12 W-W (1908), Kirby Fong

Standard Container Grown Award – High Society, 2 W-GWP, Fortuna Garden Club

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Steve Vinisky with 20 blues


  • Teina 3 W-R

  • Suave 3 Y-Y

  • Port Salon 3 W-GGY

  • Badbury Rings 3 Y-YYR

  • Hartz 3 W-O


  • Segovia 3W-Y

  • April Tears 5Y-Y

  • Stafford 7Y-YY0

  • Golden Bell 10Y-Y

  • Clare 7 Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Steve Vinisky

  • V96-118-9, 1 W-P (Pink Silk x Kalimna)

  • V96-56-72,  1 Y-P, (American Heritage x Capree Elizabeth)

  • V94-90-4,  1 W-Y, (Tudor Ministrel x Compute)

  • V97-44-12, 2Y-YOO, (Cinder Hill x Golden Amber)

  • V93-123-1, 2W-P, (Aimee Joy x Fine Romance)

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – No entries

MAROON RIBBON – Steve Vinisky

  • V95-74-2

  • V94-62-15

  • V93-61-4

  • V92-16-7

  • V96-110-4




HAVENS AWARD – no entries

Carey E. Quinn Award –  Steve Vinisky

  • V98-26-4
  • Gold Fusion 1 Y-Y
  • V92-151-16
  • Pacific Monarch 2 Y-Y
  • 93V-12-6
  • Double Play 4 Y-O
  • V98-121-15
  • Tangelo 3 W-OOY
  • Redlands Too 2 Y-R
  • V93-142-4
  • V97-39-1
  • V98-109-14
  • Amity Angel 2 W-W
  • V93-132-16
  • V97-112-9
  • Kiwi Solstice 4 Y-R
  • V96-39-2
  • V93-101-2
  • Jan Dalton 4 W-R
  • Fortescue 4 W-R
  • Chapel Bells 5 Y-Y
  • Chapel chimes 5 Y-Y
  • V98-188-3
  • V96-89-3

Comments from Bob Spotts, President Northern California Daffodil Society (3/29/04)

Daffodil Friends,
For me, the Fortuna Show was a remarkable one. The preceding weeks of hot weather meant most of the regular contingent of exhibitors were bloomed out and had relatively few daffodils to enter. But, there were many new exhibitors, gardeners who saw the publicity for the show and took the plunge to bring flowers for the first time. Truly, I’ve never seen a larger or stronger “Small-Garden Section” in a West Coast show than was in the Fortuna show. (Bill Pannill a new exhibitor entered a colorful, large and sturdy bloom of ‘Chromacolor’ 2W-P that would have made you proud!)   Yes, the show was small – and entries overall would have been relatively skimpy without the visit of Steve Vinisky from Oregon to the north. But, the arrival of several new exhibitors hints that the future of this show is bright.   Again, the Dian Keesee and the Fortuna Garden Club managed the blooming of many dozens of large pots of show cultivars. This assemblage of potted daffodils in full bloom was a stunning sight inside the entry-room. The pots were sold by the FGC at very reasonable prices to provide income to offset show expenses.   The Grant Mitsch Daffodils display and the Cherry Creek Daffodils display, together with the potted daffodils made an awesome greeting of color to the public visitors!   A new and appreciated twist was the lunch for exhibitors, judges, and helpers that was provided by the vocational class from the high school. Those students have certainly learned the nuances of cooking and catering!   Congratulations to Show Chairman Dian Keesee and her supporting FGC staff for hosting a fine show under difficult weather conditions.            Bob Spotts   PS. The judges selected an Intermediate, ‘Little Tyke’ 2Y-Y, as Best in Show, and ‘Dainty Miss’ 7W-W as Best Vase of Three. This followed the selection of Intermediates for the corresponding awards in Murphys the previous week. This is certainly the year for smaller flowers on the West Coast!

Photos by Kirby Fong and Ben Blake