2008 Livermore Show Results

 40th Annual Spring daffodil Show in the Bay Area at Livermore


Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz two Watrous Entries!

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The beautiful banner at Alden Lane announcing our show!

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 430
Number of Exhibitors: 23
Number of Blooms: 909

Photography:  Number of Exhibits: 6
Number of Exhibitors: 1
Best in Show Exhibitor:  Jon Kawaguchi
Title:  ‘Jessamy’ portrait

At the bottom of this report are comments from Show Chairman Kirby Fong

Banker, 2 Y-O exhibited by Kirby Fong

WHITE RIBBON – Mesa Verde,12GY-GGY, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON- Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 11a Y-O
exhibited Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Microcodium Group, 10Y-Y
exhibited Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling Seedling # 8-1-10, 7YYG-GYO,
Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON: 01/049/1, 8W-P, Brooke Ager x N. dubius
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

Historic Daffodil Award Ada Finch, 1 W-W, 1927,  Deb Pratt


Historic Vase of 3 – Mount Hood 1W-W, 1938, Melissa Reading

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Oregon Pioneer, 2 Y-P, John Castor

Youth Best Bloom – New Penny, 2 Y-Y, Sierra Johnson

Youth Best Vase of 3 – Sportsman, 2 Y-R, Sierra Johnson

Intermediate Award –  Quaker Maid, 2 W-Y, Bob Spotts

Standard Container Grown Award – Chromacolor, 2W-P, Bob Spotts

Miniature Container Grown Award –  Tete-a-Tete, 12 Y-Y, Amanda Steer

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Bob Spotts with 30 blue ribbons


PURPLE RIBBON – Best 5 stem Collection in Show, Melissa Reading, Red Cups

  • Bionic 2Y-O
  • Overdraft 3Y-R
  • Pacific Rim 2Y-YYR
  • Tao 3Y-O
  • Red Aria 2O-R

LAVENDER RIBBON – Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

  • 98-71 2YYW-OOY (Biometrics x Candlepower)
  • 03-009/1 8W-W (Supreme Empire x N. dubius)
  • Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O
  • 01-077/1 5W-W (Acceleration x N. triandrus)
  • 04-064 12Y-Y (Biometrics x Little Gem)


RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 8-1-47 12YYG-GOO
  • Mesa Verde 12G-GGY
  • 8-1-46 3Y-GOO
  • 1-8-13 12Y-Y
  • 1-8-26 12YYG-YYG

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

  • 03-0234/13 8W-W (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O
  • Puppy Love 2W-P
  • 03-234/15 8W-W (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-234/4 8W-W (Pink China x N. dubius)


BOZIEVICH – (Collection of 12 Standards and/or Species from at least four divisions) – Steve Hampson

  • Gympie 1Y-Y
  • Emerald Stone 3W-GWW
  • Young American 1YYW-WWY
  • Tamar Fire 4Y-R
  • Diamond Lake 1W-Y
  • Night Music 4W-P
  • La Paloma 3W-GYR
  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Chaste 1W-W
  • Chicago Gold 1Y-Y
  • Pink China 2W-P
  • Magic Lantern 1Y-O

AQUA RIBBON  Collection of 9 Miniature Daffodils from 3 or more Divisions
– Jon Kawaguchi

  • N. jonquilla ‘Early Form’, 13Y-Y
  • Three of Diamonds, 3W-GWO
  • Minnow, 8W-Y
  • Spring Serenade, 5Y-Y
  • Picoblanco, 2W-W
  • Laura, 5W-Y
  • Microcodium Group, 10G-Y
  • Pequenita, 7Y-Y
  • 05-018, 7Y-Y (N. rupicola x N. willkommii)

ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least three divisions)  –  Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe (repeat)

  • 03-234 8W-W (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-234/2 8W-P (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-089 3Y-Y (Pink China x N. assoanus)
  • 03-234/2 2W-P (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-234/6 2W-Y (Pink China x N. dubius)
  • 03-266/1 2W-P (Viennese Waltz x N. dubius)
  • 99-108 7Y-Y (Little Gem x N. jonquilla)
  • Itsy Bitsy Splitsy 11aY-O
  • 05-242 12W-Y (Beryl x seedling)
  • 04-054 7Y-Y (N. jonquilla x N. assoanus)
  • 04-143 10W-W (N. cantabricus x ?)
  • 05-018 7Y-Y (N. rupicola x N. willkommii)

THROCKMORTON AWARD WINNER – Collection of 15 standard daffodils and/or species from 15 different RHS classifications – Melissa Reading

  • Ombersley 1Y-Y
  • Phoenician 2W-W
  • Sonar 2Y-YYR
  • Heck 4W-Y
  • Red Aria 2O-R
  • Gasparilla 2Y-WPY
  • Red Lips 2Y-YRR
  • Heartland 3W-Y
  • Double Ply 4Y-O
  • American Heritage 1YYW-P
  • Bravoure 1W-Y
  • Karigal 11aY-O
  • Trigonometry 11aW-P
  • Goff’s Caye 2YYW-W
  • Quasar 2W-PPR

Carey E. Quinn Award, Collection of 24 Standards and/or Species from at least five divisions – Kirby Fong (repeat)

  • Dan du Plessis 8Y-O
  • Antipode 2W-P
  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Nimbin 2W-P
  • Goldhanger 2Y-Y
  • Lakeland Fair 2W-GPP
  • Godsend 1W-W
  • Magic Sunset 2Y-P
  • Creation 1W-W
  • Copper Sheen 2O-R
  • Grand Prime 8W-Y
  • Karigal 11aY-O
  • Rangitata 1Y-O
  • Manuka 4W-Y
  • National Treasurer 2Y-Y
  • Denali 1W-W
  • Burravoe 1Y-WWY
  • David Adams 2W-GWW
  • Met Girl 3W-YYR
  • Billy the Kid 2Y-Y
  • Good Fishing 2W-YOO
  • Tri Angeles 11aY-P
  • Muster 4W-O
  • Backchat 6Y-Y

Notes from Show Chairman Kirby Fong

     The Livermore daffodil show was held at Alden Lane Nursery on March 8 and 9.  We were blessed with a fabulous array of miniature seedlings from Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe — miniature pinks and miniature split coronas.  When the ADS national show is in Murphys in 2010, you will want to see these miniatures!

Photos by John Castor, Kirby Fong and Nancy Tackett