2012 Livermore Show Results

Northern California Daffodil Society

Alden Lane Nursery

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

2012 Pacific Regional Show Results
March 3-4, 2012

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 286
Number of Exhibitors: 23
Number of Blooms: 721

Photography: Number of Exhibits: 15
Number of Exhibitors: 5?
Best in Show Exhibitor: Nancy Tackett
Title: N. pallidiflorus

At the bottom of this report are comments from NCDS Member Bob Spotts

Cameo Joy

GOLD RIBBON – Cameo Joy, 2Y-R, exhibited by Steve Hampson
(Melrose Gardens NCDS Trophy)

Mesa Verde

WHITE RIBBON – Mesa Verde, 12G-GGY, exhibited by Bob Spotts.

MINI GOLD RIBBON- N. dubius var.
micranthus, 13W-W exhibited by
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Keira seedling KB-M-24-02, 6Y-Y
exhibited Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

Rose Ribbon Winner

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling # 12-1-51 12G-GGO,
Bob Spotts

Miniature Rose Winner

ADS MINI ROSE RIBBON: #03-036-13, 8W-P
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz
( Rod Barwick NCDS Trophy)

Little Tyke

Best Intermediate Bloom – Little Tyke, 1Y-Y, Kirby Fong


Best Classic Bloom- Kenellis, 10W-W (1948)
exhibited by Ben Blake & Nancy Tackett

Ice Follies

Classic Vase of 3 – Ice Follies, 2W-W (1953), Janet Hickman

Historic Daffodil Award – Saint Keverne 2Y-Y 1934, Kirby Fong

Historic Vase of 3 – Saint Keverne 2Y-Y 1934, Kirby Fong

Fort Mitchell

Youth Best Bloom – Fort Mitchell, 1W-Y
exhibited by Alexandra Swanson

Barrett Browning

Youth Best Vase of 3 – Barrett Browning 3WWY-O
exhibited by Nicholas Swanson


SMALL GROWER AWARD -Toltec, 2 Y-R exhibited by Anna Fine

Miniature Rose Winner

Robert Jerrell Memorial NCDS Award – Best Pink
#03-036-13, 8W-P
Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz


Standard Container Grown Award – Trena 6W-Y, Kirby Fong

Best Photograph in Show – “N. pallidiflorus” Nancy Tackett

SILVER RIBBON and NCDS Sweepstakes Trophy most blue ribbons) – Kirby Fong with 28 blue ribbons


Purple Ribbon Winner

PURPLE RIBBON – Best 5 stem Collection in Show, Steve Hampson, Intermediate Collection

Bonnie’s Jewel 2Y-YOO
Peachy Keen 2Y-Y
Reg Nicholl 2Y-YYR
Biometrics 2Y-O
Pink Charm 2W-P

LAVENDER RIBBON – Best 5 stem Miniature Collection
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

Keira KB-BH-6-07 10 W-Y
N. bulbocodium var. bulbocodium 13 Y-Y
6-13-01 10 Y-Y
06-07-1 10 Y-Y
Jones Sisters Farm 10 Y-Y

Red-White-Blue Winner

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Best 5 stem American Bred Collection
exhibited by Bob Spotts

American Gold, 1Y-Y (Reed)
Weir 90-2, 2W-W
Phil’s Gift, 1Y-Y (Reed)
Three Oaks, 1W-Y (Reed)
Maker’s Mark, 1Y-O (Weir)

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE & Jack Romine Memorial NCDSTrophy
Ribbon, Best 5 stem Miniature American Bred
exhibited by Bob Spotts

M12-1-1 7Y-Y
M12-1-2 7Y-Y
M12-1-3 7Y-Y
M12-1-4 7Y-Y
M12-1-5 7Y-Y

Historic Daffodil Collection of five – Kirby Fong

Grand Primo Citroniere 8W-Y 1780
Beersheba 1W-W 1923
Grand Monarque 8W-Y 1759
Content 1W-WWY 1927
Empress 1W-Y 1869

BOZIEVICH – (Collection of 12 Standards and/or Species from at least four divisions)
Steve Hampson

Miss Primm 2Y-Y
Southern Hospitality 4Y-R
Classical Age 2Y-Y
Flusher 2O-R
Righton 3W-W
Gympie 1Y-Y

Rose Lake 2W-P
Potomac Gold 1Y-Y
Bonnie’s Jewel 2Y-YOO
Magic Lantern 1Y-O
Fly Half 2Y-R
Katrina Rea 6W-WOO

Elise Havens Award – Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions
in Divisions 5 through 10
exhibited by Bob Spotts

12-1-63, 8 Y-O
Hilary Marea, 8 W-Y
Storyteller, 8 Y-Y
Hunter JAH 25/95A, 7 W-W
12-1-61, 8 Y-Y
Kokopelli, 7 Y-Y

12-1-62, 5 W-Y
Happy Hour, 7 Y-O
12-1-60, 6 Y-Y
Beryl, 6 W-YYO
Opaea, 6 Y-Y
Backchat, 6 Y-Y

Bankhead RIBBON Collection of 9 Miniature Daffodils from 3 or more Divisions
exhibited by Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

09-014-1, 5 Y-Y
99-114-13, 2 W-Y
06-036-3, 5 Y-Y
99-114-11, 11a Y-Y
Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 13a Y-O

99-114-X, 11a W-W
03-036-1, 8 W-P
03-19-4, 12 W-W
03-036-2 8 W-P

ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least three divisions)
exhibited by Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

02-041-1, 7Y-Y
03-036-24, 2W-P
10-B30-1, 7 Y-Y
01-091-1, 6W-Y
N. dubius var. micranthus, 13 W-W (Mini Gold winner)
N. bulbocodium, 13 Y-Y

N. triandrus var. pallidulus, 13 W-W
07-B44 5 Y-Y
07-B25, 2 Y-Y
02-041-1, 1 W-W
Microcodium Group, 10 G-Y
03-026-1, 6 Y-Y

ADS 3 Miniatures by Hybridizer Award: Harold Koopowitz & Marilynn Howe

02-034-1, 1 Y-Y
99-23-1, 1 Y-Y
99-127-3, 2 Y-Y

ADS 6 Miniatures by Hybridizer Award: Harold Koopowitz & Marilynn Howe
06-036-2, 8 W-P
06-036-24B, 8 W-P
06-036-4, 5 Y-Y (yes, they’re pale yellow)
03-022-2, 8 W-P
06-036-2, 5 YWW-WW (yes, that’s what the label said)
03-036-3, 8 W-W

ADS 12 Miniatures by Hybridizer Award: Harold Koopowitz & Marilynn Howe

Little Dianne, 8 W-WPP
06-007-12, 8 W-Y
03-036-14, 8 W-P
03-036-5, 8 W-WPP
03-X45-2, 5 Y-Y
Puppy Love, 2 W-WPP

Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 13a Y-O
06-036-1, 5 Y-W
04-066-1, 5 Y-Y
03-036-28, 8 W-P
99-84-2, 11a Y-Y
04-008-7, 1 2W-W

THROCKMORTON AWARD WINNER – Collection of 15 standard daffodils
and/or species from 15 different RHS classifications – Steve Hampson

Blossom Lady, 4 W-O
Cameo Frills, 2 Y-YOO
Carrot Top, 2 W-O
Orangewood, 2 Y-O
Abstruse, 3 W-R
Whisky Mac, 2 YYW-Y
Fogbound, 2 W-W
Cameo Joy, 2 Y-R (the Gold Ribbon winner)

Rose Lake, 2 W-P
Egmont Star, 2 Y-Y
Katrina Rea, 6 W-WOO
Flusher, 2 O-R
Magic Lantern, 1 Y-O
Swift Arrow, 6,Y-Y
Katie Page, 2 Y-YPP

Premier Collection of 24 Miniature Blooms no fewer than 5 Divisions
exhibited by Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz (repeat)

06-020-1, 11a Y-Y
99-114-10, 11a W-Y
99-114-36, 11a W-W
08-011-1, 11a Y-Y
99-114-37, 11a W-Y
Itsy Bitsy Splitsy, 11a Y-O
03-036-17, 8 W-WPP
03-X45, 5 Y-Y
02-X49, 1 W-YYP
08-011-1, 2 Y-O
03-036-10, 8 W-P
03-036-12, 8 Y-Y

06-036-10, 5 Y-Y
02-021-1, 6 Y-O
Polar Cub, 2 W-W
03-19-1, 12 W-Y
02-021-2, 6 Y-YOO
02-134, 2 W-P
99-B-34, 5 W-W
99-53-2, 11a Y-Y
03-036-7, 2 W-Y
99-23-1, 1 Y-Y
99-114-X, 11a W-W
03-008-2, 6 Y-O

Carey E. Quinn Award, Collection of 24 Standards and/or Species from at least five divisions
exhibited by Bob Spotts (repeat)

12-1-35, 1 W-Y
Spider Woman, 3 Y-O
12-1-20, 8,W-Y
Storyteller, 8 Y-Y
12-1-36, 7 Y-Y
12-1-5, 8 W-O
12-1-41, 12 YYG-GOO
Cactus Blossom, 2 W-Y
12-1-49, 3 WWG-YOO
12-1-54, 12 YYG-GOO
12-1-47, 3 WWY-YYO
12-1-46, 7 G-GGO

12-1-39, 7 Y-YYO
12-1-3, 3 YYG-GYO
12-1-38, 3 WWY-GYO
12-1-37, 2 W-Y
12-1-50, 6YYG-YYO
12-1-51, 12 G-GGO
Mesa Verde, 12 G-GGY
12-1-52, 12 G-GYY
12-1-53, 3 G-GGO
12-1-48, 3 Y-GGO
12-1-55, 7 YYG-G
12-1-56, 12 G-O


Notes from NCDS Member, Bob Spotts

The first daffodil show of the season was a great success! It was in the show building at the lovely Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California. Jacquie Williams-Courtright, the Nursery owner, made a special walk to the show room as we were taking the show down to tell us the effusive comments about the show she and her staff had received from customers.

The most significant feature of the Show was the incredible display of miniature daffodils from Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe. Without a doubt, this will be the best display of Miniatures in any daffodil show – anywhere – this year. All these tiny daffodils were created – hybridized – and grown from seeds by this duo. There was such a feast of little blooms that it was difficult for the viewer to appreciate what splendor was contained there. It did not dawn on me what unique, beautiful little flowers were in this array of almost two-hundred blooms until I took the time to examine them closely!

I drew up a chair and looked at each little bloom. There was an exquisite little white trumpet daffodil with an orange rim! Nothing like this exists elsewhere – even in full-size daffodils! There was a row of six miniature split-cupped daffodils – each quite different but charming. There was an orange-cupped cyclamineus miniature with a cup unlike any I had ever seen: narrow at the base, expanding gently before closing nearly to the original width. My description is poor – but the bloom was graceful and unlike bloom I had ever seen! Striking blooms in almost every division!

The Judges had a difficult task in choosing Best Miniature from among these. So many were worthy of the honor. The choice made was a lovely little white-and-pink bloom with several florets. Somehow the little rimmed trumpet escaped their view. Congratulations on their achievement to Harold and Marilynn – and our thanks for bringing these little flowers from Southern California for us to see.

The best Standard-size flowers in the Show also came from Southern California. Steve Hampson won Best-in-Show and Reserve Champion (runner-up) as well. His flowers stood out throughout the show for their exceptional size and high quality.

My own “green” seedlings gathered favorable comments. They have a way to go to compete with top-quality show flowers, but they do add interest to the public viewing the show.

We were honored to have as Judges three daffodil persons from across the nation: Janet Hickman from Virginia, Michael Berrigan from Minnesota, and John Beck from Illinois.

These comments are not to be considered a show report. Show Chairman Kirby Fong will post a list of award winners and photos of winning blooms. Join us at the next NCDS Show on March 17-18, at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, California.

Bob Spotts

Photos by Kirby Fong