2007 Livermore Show Results

39th Annual Spring Daffodil Show in the Bay Area at Livermore


2007 Livermore Show GOLD RIBBONPink China, 2 W-P
exhibited by Steve Hampson

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The beautiful banner at Alden Lane announcing our show!

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 457
Number of Exhibitors: 19
Number of Blooms: 879

Photography:  Number of Exhibits: 11
Number of Exhibitors: 5
Best in Show Exhibitor:  Kirby Fong
Title:  ‘American Dream’ portrait

At the bottom of this report are comments from Kirby Fong, Show Chairman and for more fun read this page for comments from our always welcome guest, Robert Darling, of Washington DC.

GOLD RIBBONPink China, 2 W-P
exhibited by Steve Hampson

WHITE RIBBON – Lackawanna, 2Y-Y, Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON- Wilson seedling 6525-98-2, 9W-GYR, Jon Kawaguchi

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Sassy, 12Y-Y,  Kirby Fong

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling 7-1-51 12Y-O , Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON: 96-03 8W-W (Paperwhite x N. pachybolbus) Open Pollinated, Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

Intermediate Award –  Pink China, 2 W-P, Steve Hampson

Historic Daffodil Award Beryl 6W-YYO 1907,  Bob Spotts


Historic Vase of 3 – Beryl, 6W-YYO 1907, Steve Hampson

Youth Best Bloom – Erlicheer, 4 W-Y, Amanda Steer

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Akala, 1 Y-Y, Anna Fine

Standard Container Grown Award – Tropical Sunset , 2W-Y, Bob Spotts

Miniature Container Grown Award –  M7-1-1, 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Kirby Fong with 31 blue ribbons


PURPLE RIBBON – Steve Hampson

  • Koopowitz & Howe 99-140 4W-Y
  • Radjel 4Y-R
  • Biralee 4W-O
  • Poppy’s Choice, 4 Y-R
  • Erlicheer 4W-Y

LAVENDER RIBBON – Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

  • N. b. obesus 13Y-Y
  • 02-X17 12W-Y Beryl x N. dubius
  • N. jonquilla minor 13Y-Y
  • 01-069-5 5W-W (N. triandrus x N. dubius)
  • N. bulbocodium (6n) 13Y-Y


RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 7-1-39, 3YYG-GYO, Triple Crown x (Actaea x N. viridiflorus)
  • 7-1-32, 3YYG-GGY, Magic moment x (Actaea x N. viridiflorus)
  • 7-1-81, 12YYG-GGO, Avona x (Actaea x N. viridiflorus)
  • 7-1-6, 12YYG-GYO, Cowboy x (El Camino x N. viridiflorus)
  • 7-1-35, 12YYG-YOO, Cowboy x (El Camino x N. viridiflorus)

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon -Marilynn Howe and Harold Koopowitz

  • 01-069-1 5W-W, N. triandrus x N. dubius
  • Squeaky Group 10Y-Y
  • 02-091 7Y-Y, N. assoanus x N. calcicola
  • 03-X67 10Y-Y, N. bulbocodium open pollinated
  • 01-069-2 5W-W, N. triandrus x N. dubius

BOZIEVICH – Richard Hunt (Collection of 12 Standards and/or Species from at least four divisions)

  • Fly Half, 2Y-R
  • Excitement, 3W-YYO
  • Hot Gossip, 2Y-O
  • Asteroid, 2Y-Y
  • Pink Silk, 1W-P
  • Pops Legacy, 1W-Y
  • Scarlet Tanager, 2Y-R
  • Oops, 2W-Y
  • Gold Velvet, 1Y-Y
  • Avalanche, 8W-Y
  • Erlicheer, 4W-Y
  • Intrigue, 7Y-W

ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 Miniatures from at least three divisions):   Harold Koopowitz and Marilyn Howe (repeat)

  •  99-84/1 11aY-O Equation x N. fernandesii
  • 98-056/1 8W-P Rimsky x N. dubius
  • 02-X49 8W-Y N. cupularis open pollinated
  • 03-005/3 8W-W Sentinel x N. dubius
  • 99-127/1 11aY-Y Bosbigal x N. willkommii
  • 03-066 8W-P Little Ruby x N. dubius
  • 03-005-2 2W-W Sentinel x N. dubius
  • 98-71 2Y-O Biometrics x Candlepower
  • 03-019-1 12W-W Viennese Waltz x N. dubius
  • 03-022 2W-WPP Pink China x Sprite
  • 98-056/3 8W-W Rimsky x N. dubius
  • 96-03 8W-W (Paperwhite x N. pachybolbus) O.P. (mini rose ribbon winner)

Carey E. Quinn Award, Collection of 24 Standards and/or Species from at least five divisions
Kirby Fong (repeat)

  • Bonnie’s Jewel 2Y-YOO
  • Hollingdale 2W-O
  • Monal 2Y-R
  • Chromacolor 2W-P
  • Saint Keverne 2Y-Y
  • Colley Gate 3W-YOR
  • Meshach 3W-YYR
  • Indian Maid 7O-R
  • Haoma 2W-W
  • Navigator 2Y-R
  • Lakeside Pearl 3W-YOO
  • Cameo Lord 2Y-R
  • Wharehine 2O-O
  • Middlebury 1W-W
  • Barra 1Y-Y
  • Spring Lustre 3W-YYO
  • Hot Gossip 2Y-O
  • White Sapphire 2W-W
  • Cool Evening 11aW-P
  • Tuscarora 1Y-Y
  • Hagrid 2W-Y
  • Continental Divide 11aY-O
  • Pink Illusion 2W-P
  • Misquote 1Y-Y

HAVENS AWARD – Bob Spotts (Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least three divisions from Divisions 5 through 10)

  •  7-1-9 7WWY-GYO
  • Bright Sequins 8Y-GYO
  • 7-1-43 8W-Y
  • 7-1-90 8Y-Y
  • 7-1-50 6Y-YOO
  • Storyteller 8Y-O
  • Kokopelli 7Y-Y
  • 7-1-16 6Y-Y
  • 7-1-11 7Y-GYO
  • Beryl 6W-YYO
  • Fanray 8Y-Y
  • Lemon Silk 6YYW-W

Notes from Show Chairman Kirby Fong

     It’s been a colder than normal winter in Livermore, California, and the season is about two weeks later than usual. Fortunately, many of the bulbs I refrigerated before planting last fall were happy enough to bloom in time for our show this past weekend.

      One of our long time members Sid DuBose passed away last year, thereby eliminating the source of all the flowers we used to provide for the artistic designers.  We decided to have a photo section this year in lieu of the artistic design section.  Sid also supplied the clippings from his redwood tree for us to use as wedging material.  Fortunately, Alden Lane Nursery where we hold our show said we could go out and clip the boxwood hedges in their parking lot.  How do you like that — a venue that comes complete with wedging material!

Photos by Kirby Fong