2003 Mother Lode Show Results

8th Annual Mother Lode Show at Ironstone Vineyards

GOLD RIBBON –  Banker 2Y-R, exhibited by Bob Spotts

8th Annual Mother Lode Show Results

Below are the results of 8h Annual Mother Lode Show held March 15 & 16  and hosted by Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.

Show Statistics:  Count: 907 blooms, 486 exhibits,  and 19 exhibitors.
Artistic Arrangements:  40 arrangements and 12 exhibitors.

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This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

GOLD RIBBON –  Banker 2Y-R, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Reserve Gold Ribbon – River Queen, 2 W-W, exhibited by Kirby Fong

WHITE RIBBON – Best Friend, 3Y-YYO, exhibited by Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON –   Sdlg 03-2-115, 2YYP-WPP,  Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON – N. calcicola, 13Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Irwin BDP 15/95,  8W-W, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Sdlg  # M-03-2-2, 7Y-Y (N. willkommii op), Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Elfin Dell, 2W-P, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Small Grower Award – Archduart, 3 Y-R,  Melissa Reading

Historic Daffodil Award – Grand Primmo, 8W-Y, Kirby Fong

Historic Vase-of-Three Award – Beryl,  6W-YYO, Bob Spotts

Standard Container Grown Award – Limbo, 2O-R, Kirby Fong

Miniature Container Grown Award – Pacific Coast, 8Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown Award – N. triandrus, 13W-W, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Kirby Fong  32 Blue Ribbons

JUNIOR AWARD – not awarded

PURPLE RIBBON -Wayne Steele – White collection

  • Alimony, 3W-W,

  • River Queen, 2W-W

  • Lady Diana, 2W-W

  • Glasnevin, 2W-W

  • Bon Voyage, 3W-W


  • Fenben, 7Y-Y

  • N. rupicola, 13Y-Y

  • N. haeticus, 13Y-Y

  • Little Emma, 12Y-Y

  • Angel’s Whisper, 5Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Sid DuBose

  • Hager D501 2Y-YYO

  • Hager DSC 50-F11, 2Y-O

  • Hager D386 2Y-O

  • Hager D503 2Y-YOO

  • Pale Hands, 2Y-P (DuBose)

Mini RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • M-03-2-2, 7Y-Y (N. willkommii.op)

  • M-03-2-13, 7Y-Y (N. fernandesii op)

  • M-03-2-14, 7Y-Y (N. fernandesii op)

  • M-03-2-26, 7Y-Y (Baby Moon op)

  • M-03-2-28, 7Y-Y (Baby Moon op)

BOZIEVICH  RIBBON 12 Standard Daffodils – Richard Hunt

  • Soothing Touch 2 Y-WWY

  • Muster 4 W-O

  • Daydream 2 Y-W

  • Chanson 1 W-P

  • Conestoga 2W-GYO

  • Penkivel 2W-P

  • Rhapsody 2W-W

  • Nob Hill 2 YYW-Y

  • Towson Rose 1Y-P

  • Celtic Gold 2 Y-Y

  • Crackington 4 Y-O

  • New Penny 3 Y-Y

Roberta C. Watrous Award 12 Miniature Daffodils–  Bob Spotts  (repeat)

  • Minnow, 8Y-Y

  • N. bulbocodium, 13Y-Y

  • Moncorvo, 7Y-Y

  • Xit, 3W-W

  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y

  • Sundial 7 Y-Y

  • Fairy Chimes 5 Y-Y

  • Sabrosa 7 Y-Y

  • M-03-2-1 7 Y-Y

  • M-03-2-5 7 Y-Y

  • M-03-2-9 7 Y-Y

  • M-03-2-12 7 Y-Y


  • Cameo Ice, 1W-W
  • Kabanova, 2 Y-P
  • Fortesque, 4 W-R
  • Helen O’More, 4 Y-O
  • Ramora, 2 W-P
  • Golden Aura, 2 Y-Y
  • Refresh, 3 W-R
  • Cape Cornwall, 2Y-YYO
  • Polar Island, 2W-W
  • Samsara, 3Y-YRR
  • Banker, 2Y-O
  • Best Friend, 3Y-YYO
  • Namraj, 2Y-YYR
  • Covier 3W-W
  • Red Ember, 3Y-R

Quinn Award – Bob Spotts

  • Gold Fusion, 1Y-Y
  • Postles 25/91 1 Y-O
  • Geometrics, 2W-Y
  • Williamsburg, 2W-W
  • Clouded Yellow  2YYW-Y
  • 03-2-96, 2 W-WPP
  • 03-2-115, 2 YYW-YPP, Bookmark x ?
  • 03-2-131, 3 W-Y
  • 03-2-32, 3 Y-YYO
  • Southern Hospitality 4Y-R
  • 03-1-85 5W-P (Dewy Rose x China Lake) x N Fernandesii
  • Elfin Gold, 6Y-Y


  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y
  • 03-2-105, 7W-Y (Polar Imp x N. jonquilla)
  • Storyteller, 8Y-Y
  • 03-2-1, 8 Y-O (Matador x N. scaberulus)
  • 03-2-159, 8 Y-O (Matador x ?)
  • 03-2-159, 8 Y-Y (Matador x N. triandrus)
  • Ireland’s Eye, 9W-GYR
  • 03-2-7 9W-GYR
  • Little Soldier, 10 Y-Y
  • Ruksans S-94-15, 11a W-Y
  • 03-2-58, 12 W-GYY [Lollipop x (Dallas x viridiflorus)]
  • 03-2-44, 6Y-YOO (Backchat x Rufus)

Comments from Bob Spotts, Mother Lode Daffodil Show Chairman (3/17/2003)

Daffodil Friends,

The NCDS is fortunate in that it has the best venues possible for its two shows. The Alden Lane Nursery, site of the Livermore Show, erects a sturdy tent with lighting for the show. The Nursery provides tables, provides publicity, and looks after our needs throughout the show weekend. The early-March arrival of sunny Spring weather always means good crowds of gardeners enjoying the Nursery’s grounds and plant inventory as well as the daffodil show. Over its several acres, the Nursery has one of the most comprehensive stocks of plants (eg, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees) in the Bay Area. Gardeners are potential daffodil-society members and during the weekend we usually add a number of new members to our membership roll.  Livermore is beyond the congested portion of the Bay Area and most people who live in the area have space to garden.

In Murphys, the show is on the working floor of the Kautz Ironstone Vineyards. The daffodil show is part of the KIV weekend Spring festival of wine and daffodils. KIV staff attends our every need. NCDS members need only show up with blooms, energy and enthusiasm. Clothed tables are provided, our show equipment is warehoused at the winery and waiting in boxes on the show floor when our set-up members arrive on Friday afternoon.  Saturday lunch is provided to workers and judges. Bottles of wine are given to winners of major awards. KIV staff helps disassemble the show at closing. The KIV festival receives widespread publicity and the result is a constant flow of visitors that keeps the show floor crowded. The winery grounds staff presents an awesome display of daffodils in half-barrels on the upper level of the winery where there are the tasting -room, gift shop, jewelry shop, deli, outdoor barbecue, and juried art show. Shuttle buses take visitors down to the working level to visit the show and to tour the wine-storage caves. The buses also shuttle visitors between the winery and the town of Murphys, a mile away. Murphys, with its boutiques and little restaurants, hosts its annual “Irish Days” on the Saturday nearest St. Patrick’s Day (not by chance, during our show weekend).

As you approach the winery by car, you are treated to an expanse of naturalized daffodils – everywhere along the roadside and winery  property.  This view alone is worth the 2.5 hour drive from the SF Bay Area. At 2000′ elevation in the foothills of the Sierra, country-atmosphere Murphys has a most hospitable climate for daffodils. Even so, we find most of the show visitors are not area residents. Rather, they are visitors for the weekend of festivities.

Since the NCDS has found these two sites for our shows, the effort to publicize daffodils has been greatly reduced. It would seem that next to good flowers, a good site is most important. A show needs visitors and a good setting to present good flowers.

The NCDS offers kudos to the Alden Lane Nursery and the Kautz Ironstone Vineyards.

If you have the opportunity in the future, come join us in a March daffodil weekend.

Photos by Kirby Fong andWayne Steele