2001 Livermore Show Results

33rd Annual Spring Daffodil Show in the Bay Area at Livermore

2001 Livermore Show Results

Below are the results of 2001 Livermore Show held on March 10th & 11th hosted by Alden Lane Nursery.

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The beautiful banner at Alden Lane announcing our show!

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Show results information are presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 356
Number of Exhibitors: 10
Number of Blooms: 585

Artistic Arrangements: Number of Exhibits: 15
Number of Exhibitors: 7

GOLD RIBBON – Des Oldham 2W-P,  Kirby Fong

WHITE RIBBON – American Classic 2Y-WYY, Kirby Fong

MINI GOLD RIBBON- Spotts 90-M-1 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Snipe 6W-W,  Stan Baird

Des Oldham was in the Throckmorton collection.  I bought it from Jamie Radcliff in Tasmania.  It was bred by the late D. T. Oldham, and I presumed named in his honor after his death.  The mini gold winner was from the Watrous collection and was also the mini rose ribbon winner.

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling # 89-32-1 RHS Div/Color Code: 12G-GGY     Parentage: not given, Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON: Seedling # 90-M-1 RHS Div/Color Code: 7Y-Y  Parentage: not given, Bob Spotts

JUNIOR AWARD – Hillstar 7YYW-W, Miranda Fay

Intermediate Award –   Hager Seedling D220 2Y-YYO, Sid DuBose

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Lemon Silk 6, Bill Scholz

Historic Daffodil Award – Orange Queen 7Y-Y 1908, Kirby Fong

Standard Container Grown Award – Duke 2Y-O (unregistered Spotts cultivar), Sarah Lazarakis

Miniature Container Grown Award –  Rip Van Winkle 4Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown Award – No Entries

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Kirby Fong with 30 blues

PURPLE RIBBON – Division 12 collection, Bob Spotts

  • Spotts 89-85-1, 12W-Y
  • Spotts 89-83-1, 12G-GGY (Rose Ribbon Winner)
  • Spotts 89-85-2, 12W-O
  • Spotts 89-84-1 12Y-GYR
  • Spotts 89-85-3 12W-GW


  • Spotts 93-M-2 7Y-Y
  • Spotts 91-M-5 7Y-Y
  • Moncorvo 7Y-Y
  • Moncorvo 7Y-Y
  • Sabrosa 7Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • Spotts 001-35 2W-OOY
  • Sun Kachina 2YYW-W
  • Spotts 001-29 2W-P
  • Spotts 001-36 1Y-Y
  • Spotts 001-8 2W-YOO

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – no entries

MAROON RIBBON – no entries


  • Compute 1W-Y
  • Oregon Lights 2W-O
  • Geometrics 2W-Y
  • Dabster 1W-Y
  • Demand 2Y-Y
  • Torridon 2Y-R
  • Loch Levin 2O-ORR
  • Twilight Zone 2YYW-WWY
  • Protocol 6W-W
  • Emperor’s Waltz 6Y-YYO
  • Max 11Y-YYR
  • Beryl 6W-YYO

WATROUS AWARD WINNER: – Bob Spotts (repeat)

  • Minnow, 8
  • Hohokam 7
  • Oz 12
  • Spotts 90-M-1 7Y-Y
  • Spotts 8-M-15 7Y-Y
  • Sundial 7
  • Angel o’Music 5Y-Y
  • Yellow Xit 3W-Y
  • Angel’s Whisper 5Y-Y
  • Moncorvo, 7
  • Little Rusky 7
  • Sabrosa 7Y-Y


  • Tamar Lad 2Y-O
  • Nederburg 1Y-O
  • Pacific Fire 2Y-YOO
  • Huntley Down 1Y-Y
  • Timberman 1W-Y
  • Fong 94-4 3Y-Y
  • Marjorie Treveal 4Y-Y
  • Veridian 2W-W (unregistered Mike Temple-Smith cultivar)
  • Arapawa Icon 4Y-R
  • Cameo Ice 1W-W
  • Capree Elizabeth 2Y-P
  • Rubicon Blush 1W-P
  • Desert Storm 2Y-ORR
  • Des Oldham 2W-P
  • Some Day 2Y-R

Carey E. Quinn Award –  No entry