2000 Mother Lode Show Results

5th Annual Mother Lode Show Results at Ironstone Vineyards

Below are the results of 5th Annual Mother Lode Show held March 18 & 19  and hosted by Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.

Show Statistics:  Count: 948 blooms and 20 exhibitors.
Artistic Arrangements:  41 arrangements and 19 exhibitors.

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This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;
  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;
  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Solar Tan 3 Y-R
GOLD RIBBON – Gold Ribbon, Solar Tan 3Y-R
exhibited by Wayne Steele


theorum.jpg (9458 bytes)

WHITE RIBBON – Theorum, 1W-Y, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Dubose134-9.jpg (9948 bytes)

ROSE RIBBON –   Sdlg Y134-9, 2YYW-P,  Sid Dubose

pequenita.jpg (7673 bytes)
MINI GOLD RIBBONPequenita, 7Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong


blanchard71-a-31.jpg (20232 bytes)

MINI WHITE RIBBONBlanchard 71-A-31, 7Y-Y exhibited by Kathy Leonardi

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Sdlg  # M-21-1, 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Sdlg # Hager D221, 2Y-R, exhibited by Sid DuBose

Small Grower Award – Loch Lundie, 2 Y-O, Tracey Ellifritz

Historic Daffodil Award – Mount Hood, 1W-W, Kirby Fong

Standard Container Grown Award – no entries

kivpotmin.jpg (27084 bytes)

Miniature Container Grown Award – Sundial, 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Species Container Grown Award – no entries

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Kirby Fong  31 Blue Ribbons


kivjunior.jpg (15732 bytes)

JUNIOR AWARD – High Society, 2W-GWP, Miranda Fay

kivpurple1.jpg (29439 bytes)

PURPLE RIBBON -Bob Spotts -Division 2 collection

  • Pacific Rim,
  • Springston Charm,
  • Geometrics,
  • 00-49-X, 2W-W
  • Clouded Yellow

LAVENDER RIBBON – no entries

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 00-286-1, 2Y-Y
  • 00-271-2, 2W-Y
  • 00-291-1, 2Y-P
  • 00-279-1, 2W-O
  • 00-296-1, 2YYW-W


kivmrwb.jpg (26745 bytes)

Mini RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • M-23-3, 7Y-Y
  • M-21-3, 7Y-Y
  • Junior Miss, 12W-Y (Pannill)
  • M-21-2, 7Y-Y
  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y (Spotts)


  • 00-222-1, 3W-WWY
  • 00-43X-1, 2Y-Y
  • 00-271-1, 2W-P
  • 00-229-1, 8Y-R
  • 89-89-1, 12Y-GGY
  • 00-253-1, 1W-P
  • 00-223-2, 4Y-O
  • 00-267-2, 3W-YOY
  • 00-247-1, 9W-GYR
  • Chindi, 2
  • 00-278-1, 3W-O
  • 00-285-1, 2Y-O


Roberta C. Watrous Award – Bob Spotts  (repeat)

  • M-32-2, 7Y-Y
  • Minnow, 8Y-Y
  • Angel O’Music, 5Y-Y
  • M-22-1, 7Y-Y
  • N. bulbocodium, 13Y-Y
  • Junior Miss, 12W-Y
  • M-21-1, 7Y-Y (Mini Rose winner)
  • Moncorvo, 7Y-Y
  • Xit, 3W-W
  • Yellow Xit, 3W-Y
  • Pixie’s Sister, 7Y-Y
  • Mary Plumstead, 5Y-Y


  • Glissando, 2Y-Y
  • Peach Garter, 3W-WOW
  • Rival, 6YYG-Y
  • Doctor Hugh, 3W-GOO
  • Clouded Yellow, 2YYW-Y
  • Calamansack, 2W-YYR
  • Banker, 2Y-O
  • Springston Charm, 2W-W
  • Salute, 2Y-R
  • Obsession, 2W-P
  • Francolin, 1Y-Y
  • Braid Song, 9W-GYO
  • Theorum, 1W-Y
  • La Traviata, 3Y-YYR
  • Hawley Sunset, 2W-O

kivquinn.jpg (27777 bytes)
Quinn Award – Sid DuBose (repeat)

  • Nob Hill, 2
  • M6-1, 3W-W
  • Achduart x Red Ember, 2Y-O
  • V16-1, 2W-P
  • HA77-8, 2Y-Y
  • R11-1, 2W-P
  • Geometrics, 2W-Y
  • Q77-12, 2Y-R
  • K13-4, 2W-YYP
  • Hager D349, 2Y-O
  • V-38, 2W-P
  • Hager D700, 2Y-OOR
  • Hager D386, 2YYW-W
  • W-130-3, 2W-P
  • HA46-2, 2Y-Y
  • HA51-9, 2W-P
  • Gilt Complex, 2
  • Bryce Canyon, 2
  • 1-46-6, 7W-P
  • 00-202-1, 2YYW-YYP
  • Z13-10, 5W-W
  • AA77-7, 2Y-Y
  • 07-1, 8W-O
  • Y134-9, 2YYW-P (Rose Ribbon winner)

Comments from Bob Spotts, Show Chairman

The many of you who visited the Murphys Daffodil Show got a memorable
treat. Those of you who missed it, we invite you to join us next year! The
weather was perfect and the Kautz Ironstone Vineyards grounds just
spectacular with their expanses and beds of naturalized daffodils. The view
of daffodils and vineyards that opened to view as one rounded the curve on
the road outside KIV was eye-popping.

The support provided us by John Kautz and his KIV staff was exemplary. KIV
staff (especially Chris Gomez, Larry Ringland, and Tracey Ellifritz)
provided to our needs: storing and transporting our equipment to the show
area, providing and setting up the tables, serving lunch to our judges and
workers, and providing coffee and wine to our exhibitors. Many thanks!

Still, much of the show success resulted from the dedicated support of our
own NCDS members:

* Anna Rawls, Anna Fine, and Nancy Tackett who were at the Hospitality
Desk answering questions from visitors, enrolling new members, and selling
daffodil items (especially Brooke Ager pins) from our boutique supply

* Rich & Jane Hunt and Stephanie Arrich – our Gold Country members always behind the scenes with essential help

* Our newer members Mike Larmer, Norman Thompson, and Lori Smith who
helped set up the show and also brought some wonderful flowers (which
garnered some considerable rewards from the judges)

* Anita Hartshorn, our publicist, who saturated newspapers and radio
stations with notice of the show

* Sid DuBose for the 50+ dozen cut blooms for arrangers and for
distribution to merchants through-out the town of Murphys

* Jan Moyers who organized the show area, kept things under control
throughout the two days, and supervised the show take-down

* Kirby Fong, Sid DuBose, Wayne Steele (won best in show – hardly slowing
in his 80s), Kathy Leonardi, Dian Keesee, Nancy Tackett, Rich Hunt, Miranda Fay, and Bob Johnson for the superb flowers in the show – we had BOTH quality and quantity!

* Harold Koopowitz, the master of staging miniatures (he made my sows-ear
Watrous into a silk-purse)

* Nancy and Gene Cameron who came down from Portland on Saturday after entering and judging in the Amity Show to join us for the Saturday-night
dinner and Sunday. (This only required an hour drive to the Portland
Airport, a two-hour flight to Sacramento, and a two-hour drive to Murphys!)

* David Oakley who was always there to help wherever needed – and needed
he was!

kivarrag.jpg (31628 bytes)

Special thanks must also go to:

* Members of the Calaveras Garden Club for the lovely artistic
arrangements which greeted attendees and enhanced the show

kivarrang.jpg (13285 bytes)

*Bernice Oakley for bringing supplies and staging artistic arrangements
on behalf of the Amador Valley Garden Club

* Grant Mitsch Daffodils for their lovely display sent despite supporting
and attending a concurrent show in Oregon

* Distinguished guest Rod Barwick who staged exhibits in the show (with
great success) and entertained us throughout the weekend, the apex being
his Saturday afternoon talk on “Daffodils, Angels, and Wine”

* Our international visitors who pitched in on show setup, flower staging,
and show take-down:

* Jennie Jamieson (Australia) who was my right-hand in staging my
exhibits. I mustn’t forget teenagers Tahlia and Damien who were most handy
workers and husband Phil who tolerated an extremely skimpy evening meal and very late bedtime Friday)

* Brian Duncan (Northern Ireland) and David Adams (New Zealand) who were everywhere helping exhibitors

* Wim Lemmers (Holland) and John Hunter (New Zealand) who provided
helpful critique on improving exhibits

* Dear friends Maureen & Tom Handley and Pat & Tony James (England) and Betty Duncan (Northern Ireland) who did yeoman work as always during the setting up of the show

Thanks to all above, we not only had a great time ourselves, we presented
an awesome display much appreciated by the public!

Bob Spotts
Murphys Show Chairman

kivjudges.jpg (23037 bytes)
Judges pondering voting on the show winner.  From left to right, Bob Spotts Show Chairman, Wayne Steele, Kathy Leonardi, Brian Duncan (N. Ireland), Tony James and Tom Handley (both from England).

Comments from the President, Kirby Fong

The Northern California Daffodil Society just concluded its second show this season, this time at Kautz Ironstone Vineyards in the Mother Lode gold mining town of Murphys. As last year, the show was held on the floor of the fermenting cavern which is covered to keep rain out but open on one side to the cold.

The show was complemented this year by artistic designs so more of the space in the cavern was filled. Also the shuttle bus between the winery and the downtown Irish Days festivities stopped right outside the entrance to the cavern so that we had more visitors. Speaking of visitors, some of the attendees of Portland daffodil convention are already here taking in the sights of California as well as Oregon. I was honored to have Brian and
Betty Duncan stop by my daffodil beds on their way up to Murphys and John and Marie Hunter after the show. Also at Murphys were Tom and Maureen Handley and Tony and Pat James from England, David Adams from New Zealand, and Phil and Jennie Jamieson from Australia. And of course the guest of honor was Rod Barwick from Tasmania. He has returned home, so if you didn’t meet him in Murphys, you’ll have to go to Australia to see him.

Knowing we were going to have several daffodil enthusiasts from around the world, we made a big effort to put in as many daffodils as we could so that they could see cultivars they might not have seen before. Our visitors came not only to see daffodils, but they also helped us stage our flowers.  Sid DuBose sent a lot of flowers but did not come to the show himself.  Rod Barwick who was not judging helped stage Sid’s flowers.


Photos by Kirby Fong, Ben Blake and Nancy Tackett