1999 Fortuna Garden Show Results

Fortuna River Lodge
Fortuna River Lodge by the Eel River

Below are the results of 24th Annual Daffodil Show “A Daffodil Spectacular” hosted by the Fortuna Garden Club on March 20th & 21th.

Show Statistics:

440 exhibits
772 blooms
57 artistic arrangements
18 arrangement exhibitors.

Show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Fortuna Show Awards Table
One of the Awards Tables

GOLD RIBBON – T82-12,  2O-O, Sid DuBose

WHITE RIBBON – Chindi 2Y-YPP,  Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON – Cornish Cream 10Y-Y, Nancy Wilson

MINI WHITE RIBBON – 89-11 10Y-Y N. tenuifolius O.P, Nancy Wilson


ROSE RIBBONSeedling # T82-12, 2O-O, Sid DuBose


MINI ROSE RIBBON Seedling # M93-2, 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

Fortuna's Second Awards Table

The second Awards Table


JUNIOR AWARD – Salome 2W-PPY, Miranda Fay


Intermediate Award: Scamp S686 11aY-O, Bob Spotts

Small Grower Award

: Yellowstone 1Y-W, Richard Hunt


Historic Daffodil Award:  Minicycla 6Y-Y (1912) Kirby Fong


Standard Container Grown Award:  Verve, 2W-YYO, Kirby Fong


Miniature Container Grown Award: Link 557 1W-Y, Stan Baird


Species Container Grown Award: N. obesus 13Y-Y, Nancy Wilson


SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Kirby Fong with 30 blue ribbons

Judges at Fortuna Show

Judges voting on “Best in Show.”    Through the impressive glass windows is the Eel River.


PURPLE RIBBON WINNER: Bob Spotts – Yellow Collection99-311-1 1Y-Y

99-337-1 2YYW-Y

99-394-1 1Y-Y

Valley Forge 1YYW-Y

DuBose/Dunn MS20-12 2Y-Y


LAVENDER RIBBON WINNER: Nancy WilsonN. bulbocodium conspicuus 13Y-Y

Cornish Cream 10Y-Y

N. pallidulus seedling 10Y-Y

Kholmes 10Y-Y

89-11 10Y-Y



Raspberry Rose 2W-P DuBose

Dove Song 2W-WWP DuBose

Soothing Touch 2Y-WWY DuBose

Nob Hill 2YYW-Y DuBose



  • M93-2 7Y-Y
  • Kokopelli 7Y-Y Spotts
  • M95-1 7Y-Y
  • Junior Miss 12W-Y Pannill
  • Pixie’s Sister 7Y-Y Mitsch




GREEN RIBBON WINNER: Wayne SteeleWho’s Who 2W-W

  • Great Gatsby 2Y-R
  • Cowboy 2Y-O
  • Chorus Line 8W-Y
  • Goff’s Caye 2YYW-W
  • Regal Bliss 2W-W
  • Glasnevin 2W-W
  • Random Event 3W-YOY
  • Vickie Lynn 6Y-P
  • Estrella 3W-YYR
  • Beryl 6W-YYO
  • Declare 2W-P

Stan Baird and Collections

Stan Baird reviewing the collections


WATROUS AWARD WINNER: Kirby Fong (repeat)

  • N. citrinus sbsp. belinensis 13Y-Y
  • N. bulbocodium sbsp. bulbocodium var. serotinus 13Y-Y
  • N. perez-chiscanoi 13Y-Y
  • Mite 6Y-Y
  • Mitimoto 10Y-Y
  • Snipe 6W-W
  • Clare 7Y-Y
  • Angel O’Music 5Y-Y
  • Minnie 6Y-Y
  • Pequenita 7Y-Y
  • Little Becky 6Y-Y
  • Sabrosa 7Y-Y



  • Cuan Gold 1Y-Y
  • Muster 4W-O
  • Resplendent 2Y-R
  • Oops 2W-Y
  • Hot Gossip 2Y-O
  • Pink Sacrifice 2W-P
  • Miss Prim 2Y-Y
  • Manaccan 1W-W
  • Southease 2W-GYY
  • Bloemendaal 2W-W
  • Sugar and Spice 3W-YYO
  • Swift Arrow 6Y-Y
  • Stranocum 3W-GYO
  • Brindabella 4Y-Y
  • Theorum 1W-Y

Collections at Fortuna Show

Collections and Arrangements


QUINN AWARD WINNER: Bob Spotts (repeat)

  • 99-320-2 1Y-O
  • 99-333-1 1Y-P
  • 99-320-1 1Y-O
  • 99-322-1 2W-Y
  • 99-308-1 2Y-YOO
  • 99-380-1 4Y-O
  • 99-318-1 3Y-O
  • 99-344-1 2Y-YOO
  • 99-376-2 2Y-O
  • 99-376-1 2Y-O
  • 99-307-1 2Y-R
  • 99-363-1 3Y-YOO
  • 99-304-2 8W-YYO

  • 99-312-1 3W-YOO
  • 99-301-2 12W-GYY
  • 99-389-1 3W-GYR
  • 99-345-1 6Y-YOO
  • 99-368-1 5W-W
  • Kokopelli 7Y-Y
  • 99-326-1 5W-W
  • 99-378-2 5Y-Y
  • 99-378-1 5Y-Y
  • 99-329-1 2O-R
  • 99-379-1 7Y-O

Daffodils on TV!
Daffodils on TV!  This daffodil show was on the 11:00 news!

Fortuna Garden Club Trophy:
Best standard daffodil in horticultural class – Sid DuBose, Stockton, CA

Betty Bonzey Trophy:
Best collection of five standard cultivars with pink in cup, from any division –    Bob Spotts, Oakley, CA

Fortuna Optometry Trophy:
Largest daffodil  –  Margaret Zlatkoff, Eureka, CA

Best Western Country Inn Trophy:
Best white daffodil –  Stan Baird, Blue Lake, CA

Fortuna Chamber of Commerce Trophy:
Best Miniature daffodil – Nancy Wilson, Garberville, CA

Soroptomists of Eel River Valley Trophy:
Best collection of five yellow cultivars from RHS Divisions 1, 2, or 3
Bob Spotts, Oakley, CA

Fortuna Business Improvement District Trophy:
Best standard “Pink” daffodil from RHS Divisions 1, 2, or 3
Bob Spotts, Oakley, CA
Christine Kemp Memorial Trophy:
Best entry of three miniature daffodils in section E
Nancy Wilson, Garberville, CA

Arrangement Results

Betty Allison Trophy – Kathy Leornardi, Ferndale, CA

Tri-color Award – Kathy  Leornardi, Ferndale, CA

Designer’s Choice Award – Susan O’Hare, Fortuna, CA

Petite Award (not more than 5 inches in any one direction) Dian Keesee Fortuna, CA

Lunch at Fortuna Show
Volunteers were treated to a wonderful lunch provided by the Fortuna Garden Club.  What a view we enjoyed while eating!  Standing are hosts Mike and Dian Keesee.

Comments of Kirby Fong, ADS Show Chairman

The Fortuna daffodil show was held last weekend in the new River Lodge
conference facility in Fortuna, a small town in the northwest of California.
The building is situated along the Eel River with great scenic views across the river.

The Fortuna Garden Club and the Heather Society have donated plants and labor to help landscape the facility.

Visitors at Fortuna Show
Show visitors enjoyed strolling through the tables of flowers, collections, and arrangements.

It is a comfortable and spacious place to have a daffodil show.  The space enabled 18 arrangers to show off 57 artistic design entries. The tri-color winner had a couple rectangular black frames, some modern, rectangular containers, and what seemed like a helix of yellow-red daffodils.

In picking the best of show, one of the two final candidates was Ron Scamp’s S686, 11aY-O.  This was also the best intermediate in the show.  It lost to Sid DuBose’s seedling in a very close vote.

Those of you planning to take the pre-convention tour from San Franciso to Portland next year will get to see the Fortuna show and will be glad you did!

Refreshment table at Fortuna Daffodil show
The Fortuna Garden Club serves refreshments for all visitors to the Daffodil Show.  The home-made treats served with coffee and  punch, makes this one of the friendliest shows in California.

    Photos by Ben Blake