1998 Mother Lode Show Results

3rd Annual Mother Lode Show at Gallery 10 Sutter Creek

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Sutter Creek Show Winner! Akala 1Y-Y exhibited by Stan Baird

Below are the results of 1998 Sutter Creek Show held March 7th and hosted by Gallery 10.  Count: nearly 600 blooms, number of exhibitors: 11 persons.

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This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 12) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

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A show visitor brought a vase of heirloom daffodils later identified as Van Sion.

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GOLD RIBBON – Akala 1Y-Y,   by Stan Baird  (see  photo above)

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MINI GOLD RIBBON – Angel’s Whisper 5Y-Y, Nancy Wilson

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WHITE RIBBON – Geometrics, 2W-Y, Sid DuBose

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MINI WHITE RIBBON – Moncorvo, 7Y-Y, Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON – 2Y-Y Reference Point seedling, Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON – 7Y-Y jonquilla x triandrus seedling, Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Du Bose Seedling, 2Y-O, by Sid DuBose

Small Grower Award – Graduation 2W-WWP, Jerry Wilson (was Runner-up to Best in Show)

Historic Daffodil Award – Beryl,  5W-O,   Nancy Wilson

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Some of the Container Competition

Standard Container Grown Award – Jetfire, 6Y-Y,  Richard Hunt

Miniature Container Grown Award –  Angel O’Music, 5Y-Y, Kirby Fong

Species Container Grown Award – N. jacetanus, Kirby Fong

JUNIOR AWARD – no entries

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – Bob Spotts with 18 blue ribbons

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Daffodils and art

PURPLE RIBBON -Collection of his Intermediate Seedlings – Sid DuBose

  • Q35-50, 2Y-Y
  • Q35-35, 2Y-O
  • Q35-36, 2Y-YYO
  • Q35-34, 2Y-O
  • Q35-52, 2Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Sid DuBose with his seedlings

  • P33-35, 2Y-P (A3-6 x B4-4)
  • DHA 76-2, 2W-P (‘Clique’ x ‘Raspberry
  • DHA 78-8, 2W-P (‘Declare’ x ‘Forte’)
  • T76-1, 1WYG-Y
  • S91-2, 2W-P (M65-33 x ‘Pink Satin’)


GREEN RIBBON – Bob Spotts  with his Seedlings

  • 98-04-1, 1Y-Y (‘Madruga’ x (‘Midas Touch’ x
  • 98-105-1, 2Y-Y (‘Golden Amber’ x unknown)
  • 98-106-1, 1Y-Y
  • 98-104-2, 1Y-Y (‘Madruga’ x (‘Midas Touch’ x
  • 98-107-1, 2Y-O (‘Nabob’ x ‘Redhot’ O.P.)
  • 98-102-1, 2Y-Y (Duncan 658 x unknown)
  • 98-109-1, 2Y-Y (‘Reference Point’ x unknown)
  • 98-110-1, 2Y-O
  • 98-111-1, 6Y-O (unknown x ‘Rufus’)
  • 98-112-1, 5Y-Y (‘Loch Hope’ x N. triandrus)
  • 98-113-1, 6Y-YOO (‘Backchat’ x ‘Rufus’)
  • 98-113-2, 6Y-Y (‘Backchat’ x ‘Rufus’)


Roberta C. Watrous Award – Bob Spotts

  • Angel o’Music’ 5Y-Y
  • N. jonquilla 10Y-Y
  • Minnow 8Y-Y
  • Quince 12Y-Y
  • Sundial 7Y-Y
  • Jumblie 12Y-O
  • Small Talk 1Y-Y
  • Elka 1W-W
  • Tête-à-Tête 12Y-Y
  • Picoblanco 2W-W
  • N. fernandesii 10Y-Y
  • Moncorvo 7Y-Y

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Art and Visitors

Comments about this show from Bob Spotts, Show Chairman

The most remarkable aspects of the Sutter Creek Show:

1) The incredible pots of daffodils exhibited by Rich Hunt of Plymouth CA.  Rich is a retired nurseryman and truly has a green thumb. He grows the daffodils to use as displays for the entrance of the show. He’s not interested in ribbons, just in making the show attractive. At the show entrance in a lawn cart he placed eight pots stuffed with the most magnificent ‘Falstaff’ I’ve ever seen. (He once bought a couple of bulbs of it from Mitsch in the ’70s.) By the side entrance from the patio there was a great floriferous pot stuffed with ‘Jetfire’. Another of a good DuBose seedling 2W-YYP, E92-3. And another several pots of one of Sid’s tazettas seedlings 8Y-O, C34-ll. These are all 16″ pots or more! The fully open, fresh blooms all face outwards and the foliage is dark green and healthy.  What a touch Rich has! Of course, we made sure this year that there were entry tags on them and Rich deservedly took home “Best Standard Pot.”

2) The quality of the blooms – fully up to Oregon standards! Of course, we have had Oregon weather so why not Oregon quality?

3) The quantity and quality of seedlings. Certainly over 125 seedlings by raisers! Made the selection of the Rose Ribbon the most difficult task in the judging!

4) The charm of the tiny facility. It measures some 18′ x 27′. Single-stem blooms and collections were on six 3′ x 8′ tables. The vases of three were on a narrow ledge above. The pots were outside at the two entrances. The room is an art gallery and was open during the one-day show! I might add that the room was usually packed and that some art sales were made.

5) The pots of scarce species shown by Kirby Fong. He grew several from seed obtained from Michael Salmon. His timing was perfect.

6) The tireless work of our “Mother Lode” member, Rich Hunt. Setup leader, daffodils-in-pot expert, local enthusiast rallying support from town merchants, and during the show the hander-out of cut daffodils to all who visited – filling the little town with people walking and clasping daffodils – and thus bringing others to the show!

7) Forty-dozen daffodils cut and provided by Sid DuBose to be given to show visitors.

8) The unsung support in transporting equipment by the ever-youthful Wayne Steele.

9) The hospitality of the Gallery 10 who share their space for an hectic day.

10) The great food and wine at Sue’s Place in the patio next door.

11) The exhibitors who drive many (as many as seven) hours for this one-day show!

Photos by Kirby Fong and Nancy Tackett