A Spring Symphony

Spring Symphony at Ironstone Vineyards
A Symphony of Art, Music, Wine Food and Daffodils
March 13 & 14th, 1999

Join us at Ironstone Vineyards at one of the most exciting celebrations of Spring Calaveras County has ever experienced. Professional and Children’s Art Exhibition, Culinary Demonstrations and competition, Daffodil Exhibition, Musical Presentations, the elegant Winners Circle Dinner featuring the official release of the newest vintage of Ironstone Vineyard’s Symphony “Obsession” Wine, and the Spring Symphony Brunch.

What is Spring Without Daffodils?
With over nine tons of daffodils already naturalized in its landscaping, Kautz Ironstone Vineyards invites you to join in “A Spring Symphony” – a celebration of Spring centering on wine and daffodils! The dates are Saturday, March 13 & Sunday, March 14.

This year, we will host the Northern California Daffodil Society’s Mother Lode Show.   Come see wide variety of daffodils and talk to the experts about the exciting world of daffodil events and competition at Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.

See some of the beautiful modern daffodil varieties, learn how to grow them in your garden, learn where to find the best daffodil bulbs, and learn how to compete in a local daffodil show. Sample the fun of belonging to the NCDS!

Also this weekend, Ironstone Vineyards and the Northern California Daffodil Society proudly introduce the Ironstone Daffodil Demonstration Gardens. Already featuring over 150 varieties of daffodils from around the world, this demonstration garden will feature walking paths and private spaces to observe and learn about new forms and colors of daffodils. Increasing in size annually and in bloom annually during the Spring Symphony event, the gardens will boast over 1000 varieties from around the world by the year 2004.

We invite you to come be a part of the beginning. With “A Spring Symphony 1999,” Ironstone Vineyards will co-host the Northern California Daffodil Society Spring Show. Learn at this year’s “A Spring Symphony,” when, where and how to participate in garden fun for years to follow.

The weekend festivities at the winery are open to all and will include professional and children’s art exhibitions on a daffodil theme, musical presentations, chefs’ culinary exhibitions and competition for the right to serve at the Saturday evening awards dinner, the awards dinner itself, the release of Ironstone Vineyards’ prestigious Symphony “Obsession” wine, and the Sunday Symphony brunch.

We invite you to celebrate “A Spring Symphony,” an event to surpass all flower events, a true celebration of Spring.

Contact Information
Kautz Ironstone Vineyards is at 1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys, CA 95247. For more information, contact Ms. Chris Gomez (chrisg [at] goldrush [dot] com). They will be happy to arrange accommodation packages for NCDS members, family, and friends. Do keep in mind that the choice spots will go first.

Art Exhibits and Competition
Already requests are arriving from all over the United States, for the prospectus to the Spring Symphony Juried Art Exhibition and Competition. Selected artists will be competing for three cash awards as well as a special”Ironstone Purchase Award.” This award will be selected from the many entries from both the open and theme categories, A Spring Symphony of Daffodils. Winner of the Purchase Award will be reproduced on the label of the following years release of Symphony “Obsession” wine.

Also, on display for public viewing is the Children’s Art Exhibit and competition.

Culinary Competition
Professional chefs will be competing for an honored seat at the Winners Circle Dinner which will feature their original recipes prepared for the delight of those special guests present Saturday evening, the 13th. The two categories are main entree and dessert and both entries require an original recipe which pairs with the Symphony “Obsession” wine. Come see the chefs in action as they demonstrate their entries in Ironstone’s Culinary Center.

Saturday Evening Dinner Event
A Spring Symphony marks the official release date for Ironstone Vineyards Symphony “Obsession” wine. Join us at the Winners Circle Dinner   for this special occasion. With presentations from the Kautz Family, and introduction of the Culinary Competition Winning Chefs, the newest vintage of Symphony “Obsession” will be released from the Cellars for the first time. This memorable evening’s festivities will also include the unveiling of the Ironstone Purchase Award Winning Art Piece.  Entertainment will continue throughout the evening by special guest entertainers. We promise this will be night to remember!

Sunday Brunch
Sunday, March 14th, the Symphony Brunch opens the celebration with a culinary delight for all senses. Celebrating food as art and dining as entertainment, treat yourself to a true celebration. Throughout A Spring Symphony, the Tasting Room and Ironstone Jewelers honor Spring, Daffodils, Music and Art in a delightful array of special presentations and not to be missed displays.