Maps to Annual Dinner Meeting

Maps to Annual Dinner Meeting

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Driving Directions:

Pastas Trattoria , 4040 East Avenue, Livermore

East Avenue runs from the southeast part of downtown due east past the eastern limit of Livermore. For those of you not familiar with the strange intersections in downtown Livermore, the longer but more straightforward route to the restaurant is to go east on Interstate 580 and take the Vasco Road exit south. (If you go north on Vasco Road you’ll end up in Brentwood after 30 minutes.)

East Avenue is about two miles south of I-580. The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory will be on your left. It occupies one mile, so when you get to the southwest corner, you’ll be at East Avenue where you turn right (west). Proceed west about one and 2/10 miles.

The restaurant is on your right on the north side of the street hidden in a neighborhood shopping center. You will pass a gas station at the corner of Hayes. You can turn right, go up a half block and turn left into the shopping center.

If you don’t turn on Hayes, don’t panic, just continue on East Avenue one more block to Hillcrest which is the west boundary of the shopping center. There’s a stoplight at Hillcrest. Turn right, go up a half block, and turn right into the west side of the parking lot.

The Pastas Trattoria is next door to another restaurant, so look carefully and go into the right restaurant. The rear dining room is separated from the main dining room by windows, so keep right, head through the main dining room, and turn left.

Updated April 13, 2003