Locations and Vistas with Daffodils

Scenic Locations & Vistas with Daffodils

Along 6 Mile Road to Kautz Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys

These vistas are sequenced by when they will be in bloom with the earliest bloom season first and the latest bloom season last.

Filoli Historical Country Estate

At this approved American Daffodil Display Garden, daffodils abound at Filoli in Woodside. Fields, flowers beds, containers and more are in bloom from mid-February through March. For more information please visit Filoli’s web site at www.filoli.org.

Livermore’s Oak Knoll Cemetery (aka Boot Hill)

The Amador Valley Garden Club and Alden Lane Nursery have been planting daffodils on one of Livermore’s oldest cemeterys.  Be sure and visit this historical site in March!

Map to see daffodils at Boot Hill


Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys

Ironstone has perhaps the largest planned landscaping of daffodils in California.  This is one of the reasons it is an approved American Daffodil Display Garden.  One’s breath is taken away upon rounding the hill and seeing the daffodils  blooming everywhere in front of you. Daffodils are in bloom throughout March and the peak of bloom is mid-March. Ironstone hosts the second NCDS show of the season during the Irish Days Festival. Ironstone has extensive gardens; something major is in bloom at nearly any time in the year.

Point Arena, Mendocino County

Annual Flower Power Festival and Daffodil Explosion, Highway 1, Mendocino County.  The multi-colored blossoms brighten the drive along historic Highway One which becomes Main Street through Point Arena. An early sign of spring, daffodils will trumpet the season from scenic Arena Cove to the historic Point Arena Lighthouse.

Paradise’s Daffodils Across the Ridge

A community beautification project sponsored by the Paradise Garden Club, Inc. of Paradise California.  With community support, they raised enough money to plant 90,000 daffodils.


Daffodils along 101 in Sonoma Valley

Please see this wonderful article about the daffodils in Somona. Enjoy!

Running Springs Daffodil Garden in Southern California

For over five decades, Gene (Alma) Bauer has been painting the hillside at the Running Springs Daffodil Garden, and the private garden has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.  The 5-acre hillside, next to the residence of Gene and Dale Bauer, becomes a colorful masterpiece of daffodils each year. Unfortunately, this garden is no longer available for public visits.

Daffodil Hill in Volcano

This famous garden started with plantings from homesteaders during the 19th century and has continued to expand intermittently ever since. At 3000′ elevation in the Sierra, it usually opens in mid- to late-March – and lasts only a few weeks. It varies greatly according to the Spring weather.

Contact the Amador County Chamber for information before you leave home.