2006 Mother Lode Show Results

11th Annual Mother Lode Show at Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys

11th Annual Mother Lode Show Results

Below are the results of Mother Lode Show held March  18th & 19th hosted by Kautz Ironstone Vineyard.  Sponsors: Northern California Daffodil Society & Calaveras County Garden Club
Co-chairs: Bob Spotts (NCDS) & Judy Worley (CCGC)

Show Statistics:
Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 383
Number of Exhibitors: 18
Number of Blooms: 911

Below are comments about this show by Bob Spotts, NCDS President.

This show results information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;
  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;
  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

GOLD RIBBON –  Seedling 6-1-32 Tuscarora x (Midas Touch x Hager 1 Y-Y Seedling), exhibited by Bob Spotts

WHITE RIBBON – Katrina Rea, 6W-GOO, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON – Towai, 12Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI WHITE RIBBON – Seedling M6-2-90 7Y-Y, exhibited by Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON –   Sdlg # 6-1-32 Tuscarora x (Midas Touch x Hager 1 Y-Y Seedling), 1 Y-Y  exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON –  Sdlg  # M6-2-42, 7 Y-Y,exhibited by Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award –  Sdlg # 6-2-48, 1Y-O, exhibited by Bob Spotts

Small Grower Award – Glen Clova, 2 Y-O,  Deb Pratt

Historic Daffodil Award – Beryl, 1907, W-YYO, Bob Spotts

Historic Vase-of-Three Award – Beryl, 1907, W-YYO, Bob Spotts

Standard Container Grown Award – Golden Echo, 7W-Y, Bob Spotts

Miniature Container Grown Award -Tete-a-Tete, 12 Y-O, Melissa Reading

Species Container Grown Award – N. willkommii, 13Y-Y, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON (most blues) – A Tie!  Kirby Fong and Bob Spotts with 33 Blue Ribbons

PURPLE RIBBON -Bob Spotts – Orange/Red Cup collection

  • S-1262-3, 3Y-O
  • Torridon, 2Y-O
  • Irish Rum, 2Y-O
  • Flash Dance, 3Y-O
  • 6-1-77, 2O-O



  • Towai, 12Y-Y
  • Sprite, 1 W-W
  • Fenben, 7 Y-Y
  • Alec Grey, 1 W-W
  • Snipe, 6 W-Y


RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • 6-1-13 3YYG-O Lock Hope x [Chatmoss x (Actaea x N. viridiflorus)]
  • 6-2-2 W-O  Random Event x Conestoga
  • 6-1-36 3 YYG-GYO Cowboy x (El Camino x N. viridiflorus)
  • 6-1-77 1 Y-Y  Tuscarora x (Midas Touch x Hager 1 Y-Y Seedling)
  • 6-1-32 1 Y-Y Tuscarora x (Midas Touch x Hager 1 Y-Y Seedling)

Historic Collection – Kirby Fong

  • Sir Watkin, 2Y-Y, 1868
  • Folly, 2W-O, 1926
  • Thalia, 5W-W, 1916
  • Halvose, 8Y-O, 1927
  • Colleen Bawn, 1W-W, 1885

Bozievich  Ribbon -12 Standard Daffodils (4 Divisions) – Richard & Jane Hunt (repeat)

  • Phantom 11a W-P
  • Gold Ingot 2Y-Y
  • Magic Lantern 1Y-O
  • Muster 4W-O
  • Feock 3W-YYR
  • Fire Alarm 2Y-R
  • Nob Hill 2YYW-Y
  • Gold Bond 2Y-Y
  • Kittochtinny 1Y-Y
  • Sandymount 2Y-O
  • Zillion 1Y-Y
  • POPS Legacy 1W-Y

Roberta C. Watrous Award 12 Miniature Daffodils (3+ Divisions) –  Bob Spotts  (repeat)

  • Sabrosa, 7Y-Y
  • Xit, 3W-W
  • Chit Chat, 7Y-Y
  • Angel o’ Music, 5Y-Y
  • m6-2-1, 7Y-Y
  • Pango, 8W-Y
  • Moncorvo, 7Y-Y
  • m6-2-4, 7Y-Y
  • Roveroi, 1Y-Y
  • m6-2-2, 7Y-Y
  • Minnow, 8W-Y
  • m6-2-3, 7Y-Y

Elise Havens Award – Collection of 12 standard daffodils from at least 3 divisions in Divisions 5 through 10 – Bob Spotts

  • Katrina Rea, 6W-WOO
  • 6-1-5, 8Y-O, Matador x scaberulus
  • Beryl, 6W-YYO
  • 6-2-63, 8W-Y Matador x triandrus triandrus
  • 6-2-47, 6Y-YOO
  • 6-2-37, 8Y-O Matador x ?
  • Kokopelli, 7Y-Y
  • Tuggle 66-49, 8Y-O
  • 6-2-46, 7Y-O
  • 6-2-40, 8Y-O Matador x Achentoul
  • Quail 7Y-Y
  • 6-2-36, 8Y-GYO Matador x ?



  • Bright Spangles 8W-O
  • John Daniel 4Y-Y
  • Blisland 9W-YYR
  • Zatapan 3W-YYO
  • Jimmy Noone 1Y-O
  • Kiwi Dream 3W-WWO
  • Avalon 2Y-W
  • Sundust 2Y-Y
  • Aberfoyle 2Y-YOO
  • Casterbridge 2YYW-O
  • Scarlet Tanager 2Y-R
  • Kelly Bray 1Y-Y
  • Louise Randall 2W-W
  • Abracadabra 6Y-Y
  • Verdict 2W-Y


Quinn Award – Bob Spotts

  • Williamsburg, 2W-W
  • 6-2-10 4Y-O
  • 6-2-59 8W-Y
  • 6-1-27 8Y-O
  • 6-2-58 8W-Y
  • Knightsbridge 1Y-O
  • Banker 2Y-O
  • Kiwi Dream 3W-WWO
  • American Classic 2Y-WYY
  • Roman Rim 2W-WWP
  • Rufus 2Y-R
  • 6-2-60 2W-O


  • Lavender Mist 2W-WPP
  • 6-2-32, 4Y-O
  • Smooth Trumpet 1W-Y
  • Chindi 2Y-YPP
  • Muster 4W-O
  • Batemans 2Y-Y
  • Kokopelli 7Y-Y
  • 6-2-68 12WWG-GYY
  • Quail 7Y-Y
  • Golden Echo 7W-Y,
  • Mesa Verde 12G-GGY
  • Katrina Rea 6W-WOO

Comments from Bob Spotts, President Nor Cal Daffodil Society

It snowed in Murphys during the weekend of the Livermore Show, March 11-12.  Unsettled weather continued during the week between shows and I envisioned a small show with high-quality blooms. This came only partly true. It was a big show (920 blooms) with high-quality blooms! There were crowds in the showroom almost all the time. Our Hospitality Table (Anna, Anna, Cynthia and others) were kept busy answering questions and dispersing information sheets on buying and growing daffodils.

After a two-hour drive, I arrived at Ironstone Vineyards shortly after noon on Friday to help set up the show room. This year we were to be indoors instead of the working-floor Breezeway. When I arrived, Ironstone staff had been there first. I entered into the show room which was completely set up: tables appropriately arranged and clothed. The Mitsch Display box was waiting to be opened. Two Ironstone employees soon appeared to remove test-tube racks from their storage boxes and fill test tubes!  Soon, other NCDS members arrived and things were humming!

This show has an 11am opening on Saturday morning, so the majority of staging must be done Friday afternoon and evening. I find it hard to get my rhythm staging, but finally got underway. Several of us staged collections and vases of three until 11pm. Nancy Tackett and I returned at 6am Saturday (Ben Blake slept in). Others returned at a more civilized hour.

Debbie and Crawford Pratt left their home in Los Altos about 5am, expecting to be at the show room by 7:30am to enter their blooms of Historics. Little did they (and Rosemary Scholz) know that the town of Murphys lay between the highway and Ironstone and at 6am would be sealed off to through traffic for the town’s “Irish Days” celebration. By the time they found a route through, it was nearly 9am – the announced time for judging to start.

NCDS has a good philosophy: if a person is willing to bring blooms to the show, then those blooms will get into the show! Exhibitors who have finished with their own, and persons not having entries to make all pitched in to get all blooms into the show. I was a recipient of such help – with many of my single-stem entries being staged and placed by volunteers. Likewise, Rosemary and Deb & Crawford were given special attention and their Historic blooms got into the show. Good thing too, because Historic blooms gained much public attention. Many attendees could really relate to these – they’d grown up seeing these in their gardens!

Blues were spread across 18 exhibitors. Veteran exhibitors, Kirby and I tied with 33 blues each. Other exhibitors made quite an impact, too: Rosemary Scholz won 13; Deb & Crawford Pratt 11; Rich & Jane Hunt 10; Melissa Reading 9; Faye & Jay Pengra (all the way from Los Angeles) 6; Rusty Rolleri 7; and Nancy Tackett & Ben Blake 6.

There was competition among the Ironstone landscaping/gardening staff: Dawn Mellera topped the four persons entering with 6 blue ribbons!

I won the Best Standard in Show with a seedling yellow trumpet. Very stately.  Kirby won the Best Miniature in Show with a tiny yellow bloom with swept-back (cyclamineus) form. A real cutie!

The show featured 18 entries of daffodils in containers – surely the most ever in an NCDS show. Containers provide a good opportunity for exhibitors. They can be taken home after the show and enjoyed until they fade. I get several weeks of bloom from each.

As always, Ironstone Vineyards was an unmatchable host. It supplied each ADS Award winner with a bottle of wine. It hosted a sumptuous Saturday evening buffet dinner for daffodil afficionados – over 50 persons attended. (Editorial liberty here by Nancy – Bob gave a beautiful presentation after dinner titled ‘Daffodils and Ironstone’  which included a selection of photos, primarily Ben’s, along with photos from Kirby and Ironstone staff!)

Many NCDS members took the drive to Murphys even though they had no flowers. Dian & Mike Keesee from Fortuna; Peggy Oberg from Los Angeles; Jan Moyers from San Rafael; Deva Lowenthal & spouse from Oakland; Anna Rawls & daughter Cynthia Sternberg, Anna Fine, Doris Ryon and Jo Balch from Livermore are faces I remember. There were more and I apologize for forgetting you.

Lyn Woishness, Ironstone Events Coordinator, assured preparations were perfect and periodically visited the show room to ask if anything more was needed. Special kudos go to Ironstone’s Chris Gomez and Larry Ringland without whose quiet and steady support our show would founder.

Ironstone’s immense areas of naturalized daffodils were in full bloom – despite the fact that they had been under 6″ of snow a week earlier. Splendid and spectacular!   Enjoy the show results accompanied with photos of flowers, venues, and guests.

Photos by Kirby Fong and Ben Blake