Northern Cal Daffodil 1997 Bulb Auction

1997 Bulb Raffle & Auction

Our auctioneer, Bob Spotts, announces each donated bulb as “the next show winner” and a “must have” for everyone’s collection!

His enthusiastic auctioning helps raise funds for the NCDS each year (thank you Bob).

The money collectors are at the ready….ready to collect auction bids & annual dues. From left to right, Miranda, Anna, Anna, & Nancy.

Each year everyone looks forward to Jan’s BBQ turkey.  Here she is slicing it for the hungry raffle drawers and auction bidders.

Ahhhh, one of the favorite times of the auction! This is just a SMALL part of the food everyone enjoys.

And the feast begins!

Some of us are patiently waiting for our turn to fill our plates.

Well….if you are the first in line, you get to eat early.

It looks like Sid, Wayne and Kirby are enjoying their meal, so we can only guess their position in the line!

The NCDS would like to thank our Vice President, Mary Smith, for graciously hosting our Annual Bulb Raffle & Auction each year.