1996 Livermore Show Results

28th Annual Spring Daffodil Show in the Bay Area at Livermore

Pacific Region 1996 Show Results

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1996 Show Winner! Nob Hill, 2 YYW-Y, exhibited by Wayne Steele

Below are the results of 1996 Livermore Show held March 9th &10th and hosted by Alden Lane Nursery.

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This information is presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 12) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Visitors at Livermore Show (60288 bytes)

Visitors at the greenhouse like setting at the Livermore Show.

GOLD RIBBON – Nob Hill 2YYW-Y, Wayne Steele (see photo above)

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MINI GOLD RIBBON-Mickey 6Y-Y, Kirby Fong

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WHITE RIBBON – Trena 6W-Y, Wayne Steele

Variety = Minnow 10W - Y
MINI WHITE RIBBON – Minnow 8Y-Y, Kirby Fong

ROSE RIBBON-Ben Hager’s Q80-1, 2W-OYO

MINI ROSE RIBBON – Bob Spotts’ 96-M101-1, 7Y-Y (N jonquilla x Joy Bell)

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) – Bob Spotts, 23 blue ribbons

SMALL GROWER AWARD – Conestoga 2W-GYO, Richard Hunt

PURPLE RIBBON – Division 5 collection, Bob Spotts

  • Spotts 96-241-3 5Y-O (Rufus x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-241-2 5Y-O (Rufus x N. triandrus)
  • Jovial 5Y-O
  • Spotts 96-240-1 5Y-Y (Jobi x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-241-4 5Y-Y (Rufus x N. triandrus)


  • Little Sunshine 6Y-Y
  • Quince 12Y-Y
  • Lilliput 1W-Y
  • Hummingbird 6Y-Y
  • Mickey 6Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon – Bob Spotts

  • Spotts 96-280-2, 2Y-P (Pastel Gem x Nanushka)
  • Spotts 96-282-2, 2Y-P (Chiloquin x Pitta)
  • Oregon Pioneer, 2Y-P, Havens
  • Spotts 96-281-2, 2Y-P
  • Spotts 26-284-2, 2Y-P (DuBose A3-6 x Highlite)


  • DuBose S26-5, 5Y-Y (Memento x N. triandrus aurantiacus)
  • DuBose S26-34, 5Y-P (Memento x N. triandrus aurantiacus)
  • DuBose VN96-1, 12Y-Y (N. cyclamineus x N. jonquilla)
  • DuBose S26-2, 5W-P (Memento x N. triandrus aurantiacus)
  • DuBose S26-30, 5Y-W (Memento x N. triandrus aurantiacus)

GREEN RIBBON – Wayne Steel

  • Craig Stiel 2O-O
  • Colley Gate 3W-YOR
  • Conestoga 2W-GYO
  • Ballydorn seedling, div. 2
  • Caldron 2Y-R
  • Best Regards 1YW-Y
  • Mobjack Bay 1Y-Y
  • Nob Hill 2YYW-Y
  • Trena 6W-Y
  • Cazique 6W-W
  • Intrigue 7Y-W
  • Dainty Miss 7W-GWW

Carey E. Quinn Award – Bob Spotts

  • Spotts 96-212-2, 6Y-Y (Backchat x Rufus)
  • Spotts 96-213-2, 4Y-Y (Fiji x Fireman)
  • Spotts 96-214-2, 2Y-O (Suda Bay x Achduart)
  • Spotts 96-215-2, 1Y-Y (Jobi x Midas Touch)
  • Spotts 96-216-2, 2Y-Y (Cairngorm x DuBose A3-6)
  • Spotts 96-217-2, 6Y-YOO (unknown x Rufus)
  • Spotts 83-MS-3, 8O-O (Matador x Stylish)
  • Spotts 96-207-2, 1Y-YYP (Memento x Lorikeet)
  • Spotts 96-208-2, 2W-P (Golden Amber x Biligana)
  • Spotts 96-209-2, 1W-P (Pink Silk x unknown)
  • Spotts 96-210-2, 2Y-P (Daydream x Memento)
  • Spotts 96-211-2, 6Y-O (New Penny x Rufus)
  • Spotts 96-206-2, 5Y-Y (Rufus x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-3-2, 5Y-O (Rufus x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 89-203-2, 7W-GYY (Lollipop x (Dallas x N. viridiflorus))
  • Spotts 89-201-3, 7W-GYY(Ashmore x (Gracenote x N. viridiflorus))
  • Spotts 96-2-2, 5O-O (Red Aria x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-204-2, 5Y-Y (Jobi x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-1-2, 5W-Y (Beryl x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-205-2, 8W-Y (Matador x N. triandrus)
  • Spotts 96-201-2, 7G-G (Ashmore x (Gracenote x N. viridiflorus))
  • Spotts 81-202-2, 7Y-GYY (Ashmore x (Easter Moon x N. viridiflorus))
  • Spotts 96-221-2, 1W-P (Dear Me x Candlepower)
  • Spotts 89-203-2, 8Y-O (Matador x N. scaberulus)

Standard Container Grown Ribbon – Treasure Waltz 6Y-Y, Bob Jerrell

Miniature Container Grown Ribbon – N. jonquilla 10Y-Y, Mike Winters

Species Container Grown Ribbon – N. calcicola 10Y-Y, Wayne Steele

Photos by Kirby Fong and Nancy Tackett