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Ben Blake and Anne Kadarach working on photography before show opens to public!

37th Annual Fortuna Garden Club Daffodil Show
"Promise of Spring"

Show results information are presented in the following format: the identification of the award; the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 213
Number of Exhibitors:  25
Number of Blooms:  398
Silver Ribbon for most Blue Ribbons:  Bob Spotts

Artistic Design: 
Best in Show Exhibitor:  Susan O'Hara

Sponsor: Fortuna Garden Club
Host: Fortuna Garden Club
Show Chairman: Janean Guest


Fortuna GOLD RIBBON - American Classic 2Y-WYY
exhibited by Bob Spotts.


Fortuna Mini GOLD RIBBON - Spring Vista, 10 Y-Y
exhibited by Nancy Wilson


WHITE RIBBON - Cheetah, 1 Y-O
exhibited by Ben Blake and Nancy Tackett


MINI WHITE RIBBON - #6525-14, 3Y-Y
exhibited by its originator, Nancy Wilson
The middle bloom was also the Miniature Rose Ribbon winner.


ROSE RIBBON -   Sdlg # 12-1-24, 2Y-R
exhibited by Anne Kadarauch


MINI ROSE RIBBON - #6525-14, 3Y-Y
exhibited by its originator, Nancy Wilson


Best Intermediate -   12-1-2, 1 YYW-W
exhibited by its originator, Anne Kadarauch


Small Grower Award- Best Bloom for growers who raise 49 or fewer daffodil varieties
Double Smiles 4Y-Y
exhibited by Becky Hopewell


Youth Best Bloom in Show - Best Bloom exhibited by exhibitor 18 years of age
or younger

 Giant 1 Y-Y - exhibited by Chase Engberg


Best Historic Bloom  - Dactyl 9W-GGR (1923)
exhibited by Kirby Fong


Best 3 - Stem Vase of Historic Blooms - Rip Van Winkle 4Y-Y (1884)
exhibited by Nancy Wilson


Best Standard Daffodil Grown in a Container - Manly 4Y-O
exhibited by Kaitlin Lewis


ADS Miniature Hybridizer Awards


Best Collection of 6 stems hybridized or originated by the exhibitor
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

06-22-01 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. citrinus x N. bulbocodium var. serotinus)
05-10-01 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. filifolius x N. bulbocodium var. citrinus)
05-33-10 10Y-Y (Mitimoto x Scalloped Form)
06-25-01 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. tenuifolius x N. bulbocodium var. nivalis)
07-8-01 10Y-Y (N. bulbococodium (6N) x Cornish Cream)
05-10-02 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. filifolius x N.bulbocodium var. citrinus)


Remaining Collections

- Best Collection of five Standard Daffodils in the Show
exhibited by Kirby Fong

  • Back row:
  • Round Oak 1Y-Y
    American Dream 1Y-P
    Chicago Hope 1Y-GYY
    Front row:
  • Fidelity 1Y-P
    Filoli 1Y-YPP

LAVENDER RIBBON - Best Collection of five Miniature Daffodils in the Show
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

  • 05-10-02 10Y-Y (N. bulbocodium var. filifolius x N. bulbocodium var. citrinus)
  • Oxford Gold 10Y-Y
  • Clay’s Gold 10Y-Y
  • N. bulbocodium var. bulbocodium 13Y-Y
  • Zinkowski Group 10Y-Y


RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - 5 American Bred Daffodils
exhibited by Kirby Fong

  • Back row:
  • Tuckahoe 3W-GYR (Pannill)
    Wier 90-2 2W-W (Areley Kings x Lady Diana)
    Crown Gold 2W-O (Havens)
    Front row:
  • American Star 2Y-P (Havens)
    Fidelity 1Y-P (Mitsch)


MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - 5 American Bred Miniature Daffodils
exhibited by Jon Kawaguchi

  • Oregon Petticoat Group 10Y-Y (Blom)
  • Oxford Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)
  • China Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)
  • Zinkowski Group 10Y-Y (Zinkowski)
  • Apollo Gold 10Y-Y (Blom)


BOZIEVICH  RIBBON -12 Standard Daffodils (4 Divisions) - Bob Spotts

  • Back row:
  • 12-3-23 8Y-O
  • Bluntington 3W-YOO
  • 12-3-25 8Y-Y
  • Goose Green 3W-GYR
    Middle Row:
    12-3-5 3Y-GYO
    Crackington 4Y-O
    Tempera 1W-O
    12-3-7 3Y-YYO
  • Front row:
  • American Classic 2Y-WYY (the Gold Ribbon winner)
  • 12-3-18 6W-W
  • Work of Art 7W-P
  • 12-3-16 2YYW-Y


Quinn Award - Collection of 24 standard daffodils and/or species
from at least five divisions - Bob Spotts

  • Back row:
  • Altun Ha 2YYW-W
    Carra’s Favorite 8W-OOY
    Mason Road 2Y-R
    Chromacolor 2W-P
    Flor d’Luna 2Y-W
    Nicole’s Favorite 8W-Y

    3rd row from front:
  • Fireonice 3W-R
    Dateline 3Y-O
    Wier 90-2 (Areley Kings x Lady Diana)
    Crackington 4Y-O
    Carole Lombard 3W-YYO
    Badbury Rings 3Y-YYR

  • 2nd row from front:
  • Chicago Hope 1Y-GYY
    Windy City 1W-Y
    Lemon Springs 5Y-Y
    Entrepreneur 2W-GPP
    Stubborn 2Y-O
    Royal Regiment 2W-O

    Front row:
  • Pinhook Lagoon 1W-Y
    Craig Stiel 2O-O
    Diamond Lake 1W-Y
    Jonquilawn 7YYW-Y
    Watersmeet 4W-O
    Drayton 2Y-Y


Photos by Kirby Fong
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