Northern California Daffodil Society
2004 Livermore Show Results

GOLD RIBBON - Sundust 2Y-O,
exhibited by Dian Keesee

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Show results information are presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 307
Number of Exhibitors: 16
Number of Blooms: 639

Artistic Arrangements: Number of Exhibits: 12
Number of Exhibitors: 4


GOLD RIBBON - Sundust 2Y-O,
exhibited by Dian Keesee

WHITE RIBBON - High Point  2Y-Y, Kirby Fong

MINI GOLD RIBBON- Smidgen, Steve Vinisky

MINI WHITE RIBBON - Xit 3W-W,  Bob Spotts

ROSE RIBBON: Seedling # 04-1-27 RHS Div/Color Code: 2W-PPY,  Bob Spotts

MINI ROSE RIBBON: Koopowitz & Howe Seedling # 99-114-1  RHS Div/Color Code: 11a W-P
 Parentage: an 11aW-P Sdlg x Elka


JUNIOR AWARD - no entries

Intermediate Award -   Lissome 2W-W, Kirby Fong

SMALL GROWER AWARD - Reed Sdlg 81/7/2   2W-W,  Anna Fine

Historic Daffodil Award - Beryl 6W-YYO 1907,  Wayne Steele

Standard Container Grown Award - Elizabeth Ann 2W-GWP, Kirby Fong

Miniature Container Grown AwardLaura 5W-W, Nancy Wilson

Species Container Grown Award - no entries

SILVER RIBBON (for most blue ribbons) - Kirby Fong with 42 blue ribbons

Division 2 collection, Bob Spotts
  • 04-1-53  2Y-YPP ((Widgeon x Memento) x New Dawn)
  • 04-1-16 2Y-O
  • 04-1-27 2W-PPY
  • Nob Hill 2YYW-Y
  • Sundust 2Y-Y


  • Sabrosa  7Y-Y
  • M-4-2 7Y-Y
  • Junior Miss 12W-Y
  • M-4-3 7Y-Y
  • Pacific Coast 8Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - Jerry Wilson

  • Jubilant Spirit 2W-P (DuBose)
  • Euphoria 2Y-P (Hager)
  • Geometrics 2W-Y (DuBose) 
  • New Penny 3Y-Y (Pannill)
  • Raspberry Rose 2W-P (DuBose)

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - Steve Vinisky

  • Pipsqueak 6Y-Y (Vinisky)
  • V94-235-6 1W-W (Camborne x Mitzy) 
  • V78-4-5 6Y-Y (Northam x N. cyclamineus) 
  • Zinkowski 10W-W (Vinisky)
  • Smidgen 1Y-Y (Vinisky)

MAROON RIBBON - no entries

BOZIEVICH - (Collection of 12 from 4 divisions) GREEN RIBBON - Bob Spotts

  • Mesa Verde 12Y-GGY
  • 04-1-51 8Y-O
  • 04-1-17 8W-O
  • 04-1-47 8W-Y (Matador x N. triandrus)
  • 04-1-10 8Y-GOO
  • Welch (Avalanche x A) 8W-Y
  • 04-1-16 8Y-Y (Matador x N. scaberulus) 
  • Sunday Chimes 5W-W
  • 04-1-34 6Y-Y (Backchat x Rufus)
  • 04-6-1 12W-Y ((Lollipop x Vermilion) x N. viridiflorus)
  • 04-1-55 8Y-O
  • 04-1-56 Kokopelli 7Y-Y

ROBERTA C. WATROUS AWARD WINNER (Collection of 12 from at least 3 divisions):
Kirby Fong (repeat)

  • Keira KB/64/91(b) 5Y-Y
  • Angel's Breath 5Y-Y
  • Angel's Whisper 5Y-Y
  • Angel O'Music 5Y-Y
  • N. calcicola 13Y-Y
  • Blynken 6Y-Y
  • Keira K2/2000 6W-Y
  • Snipe 6W-W
  • N. b.sbsp bulb Var. conspiccuus 13Y-Y
  • Minnie 6Y-Y
  • Coo 12Y-Y
  • Sabrosa 7Y-Y


Carey E. Quinn Award No entries

HAVENS AWARD - no entries

Photos by Kirby Fong
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