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2002 Livermore Show Results

Below are the results of 2001 Livermore Show held on March 9th & 10th hosted by Alden Lane Nursery. 

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The beautiful banner at Alden Lane announcing our show!

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Show results information are presented in the following format:

  1. the identification of the award;

  2. the name of the cultivar(s) and possibly the division (a number from 1 thru 13) followed by the color of the petals, a dash, and the color of the cup;

  3. and the name of the exhibitor.

Some of the daffodils have multiple colored petals and cups, so you will see more than one color identified between the dashes. For more information about the classification of daffodils see Classification Definitions.

Show Statistics:

Horticulture: Number of Exhibits: 325
Number of Exhibitors: 20
Number of Blooms: 554

Artistic Arrangements: Number of Exhibits: 16
Number of Exhibitors: 78

GOLD RIBBON - Akala, 1 Y-Y, exhibited by Stan Baird

WHITE RIBBON - Jackson Seedling #119/89, 6YYW-W, exhibited by Marilynn Howe & Harold Koopowitz

ROSE RIBBON - Sdlg # 02-050, 2 W-P, exhibited by Bob Spotts

MINI GOLD RIBBON - Minnie, 6Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI WHITE RIBBON - Yellow Fever, 7Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong

MINI ROSE RIBBON -  Sdlg  # M2-61,7Y-Y, exhibited Bob Spotts

Intermediate Award - Little Tyke,1Y-Y, exhibited by Kirby Fong

JUNIOR AWARD - Red Mission, 2 Y-R, exhibited by Miranda Fay

Intermediate Award -   Hager Seedling D220 2Y-YYO, Sid DuBose

SMALL GROWER AWARD - Marabou 4W-P, Helen Changras 

Historic Daffodil Award - Van Sion 4Y-Y 1620, Norman Thompson

Miniature Container Grown AwardToto, 12 W-W, Bob Spotts

SILVER RIBBON - Kirby Fong with 28 blues ribbons

PURPLE RIBBON - Division 12 collection, Kirby Fong
  • Kylami 2Y-Y
  • Cameo Frills 2Y-YOO
  • Scamp Seedling S474, 2W-P
  • Cameo Baron 2Y-R
  • Clouded Yellow 2YYW-Y

LAVENDER RIBBON - Harold Koopowitz & Marilynn Howe

  • N. calcicola 13Y-Y
  • 98-83-1, 12Y-Y (N. bulbocodium x N. jonquilla)
  • N. jonquilla 13Y-Y
  • Glenbrook GBF 4/89, 12Y-Y (N. fernandesii x N. cyclamineus)
  • N. bulbocodium nivalis 13Y-Y

RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - Sid DuBose

  • Sid DuBose
  • R85, 1Y-Y
  • Hager D775, 1W-Y
  • Hager D218B, 2Y-Y
  • T76-2, 1W-W
  • W-131, 2Y-Y

MINI RED-WHITE-BLUE Ribbon - no entries

MAROON RIBBON - no entries


  • Loch Leven 2O-ORR
  • Aberfoyle 2Y-YOO
  • Torridon 2Y-O
  • Squabble 1Y-Y
  • Pops Legacy 1W-Y
  • Phil’s Gift 1Y-Y
  • Farrago 3W-W
  • Pengarth 2YYW-WWY
  • Centrefold 3W-YYR
  • Wheal Coates 7Y-O
  • Bittern 12Y-O
  • Falconet 8Y-R


  • Snipe 6W-W
  • Yellow Fever 7Y-Y
  • Fenben 7Y-Y
  • Snook 6Y-Y
  • Second Fiddle 6W-Y
  • Yimkin 2Y-Y
  • Swagger 6W-W
  • Blynken 6Y-Y
  • Little Star 6Y-Y
  • Little Becky 12Y-Y
  • Minnie 6Y-Y
  • Towai 12Y-Y

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